When you embrace an active lifestyle, proper nutrition is crucial for recovery, weight management, overall health. Given that sweating is part of the whole package, adequate hydration should keep you in peak performance throughout the process. Gatorade is a brand that practically synonymous with beverages engineered for sporty folk like you. With its Gx Sweat Patch, you can tell when to drink up.

The company already employs cutting-edge research and to craft their sports drinks and more. Now, its adding technology that will guide people accordingly as to what their body needs to get the most out of their workouts. As the name already implies, the Gx Sweat Patch absorbs perspiration while you’re on the move.

It then interacts with the proprietary formulation within Gatorade’s single-use wearable. Results are then visible in the form of the color-changing graphics on the Gx Sweat Patch. To figure out what the pattern means, users need to scan it using the companion app. The values will show how much body fluids were lost.

Gatorade then compiles the information to draft a hydration profile to aid your activities. Insights such as the estimated amount of liquid an individual needs before, during, and after they exercise. The GX Sweat Patch is a preview of a future wherein personal biometrics are just within reach.

In fact, health experts recommend that we keep a record for future reference. The way we see it Athletes and personal trainers will find the data sourced from the Gx Sweat Patch useful. Some factors to consider that can contribute to inaccuracies are temperature and climate. Our key takeaway here is that this is one clever marketing strategy from Gatorade.

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Images courtesy of Gatorade