n 1989, during the “Hotter N Hell 100” cycling competition, Michael Eidson was one of the cyclers competing for the 100-mile cycle race. No doubt, the name “Hotter N Hell 100,” was no coincidence as the summer at Wichita Falls was producing an excruciating heat that was absolutely giving the competitors a tough time.

Consequently, the heat of the sun was becoming unbearable for the cyclers as they rode down the track. The cyclers kept pushing their pedals as the cheering crowd kept cheering them on, giving them the moral support they needed.

Approximately 15 minutes to the race, many of the cyclers were already getting dehydrated and weary because of the scoring heat of the sun.                                                       

By this time, most of the cyclers were already running out of water from their drinking flasks, thus putting most of them in a dilemma of slowing down to get water. This caused them to lose their track time or opt out of the race due to dehydration.

While almost all the cyclers were getting dehydrated and tired, one man was still pedaling, smiling and looking refreshed like he wasn’t part of the race.

This man, Michael Eidson kept pedaling and taking advantage of the weakness of his fellow counterparts. What and why exactly was this cycler, Michael Eidson doing that nobody else was doing?

Before the race started, Michael Eidson who was an emergency medical engineer, apparently got an IV bag filled with water and placed in a white tube sock, which had a straw for sucking. He wore the IV bag like a bag pack.

Meanwhile, many of his competitors who saw him before the race had a good laugh at him. They thought he was actually crazy to be doing that. However, what they didn’t know that being “crazy and unique” could be great sometimes.

Thus, Michael Eidson had enough water to keep him all through the race more than any person that competed with him in the race. You obviously know how the story ended.  That very day marked the birth of a new idea, “the hydration pack.”

From then on, manufacturers of sports equipment began to add the hydration pack to part of their production list.

Fast forward today, many mountain hikers, cyclers, kayakers, and even military personnel in desert-terrain countries use the hydration packs to store a large volume of water that can be hung on the shoulders to cover long distances.

Thus, if you’re reading this post, you can be one hundred percent sure that you will get a comprehensive list of the top 10 hydration packs available on the market today. Thus, hang on here to get furnished with all you need to know.  

Oh, we forgot to say that all those guys who laughed at Eidson that day will probably have at least one hydration pack, that’s if they’re still cycling.

How Do Hydration Packs Actually Work?

Of course, you know by now that hydration packs are indeed helpful for a sportsman or woman that engages in long distant outdoor-sports. However, we won’t be out of place to know exactly how the hydration packs we use actually work.

No doubt, any hydration pack you see today can either be in the form of a waist pack or a backpack, which is just akin to the form of a fanny pack. The pack functions by possessing a rubber or plastic “bladder” which is equally occupied with any liquid of your choice, which of course is water most times.

The “fluid bladder” in the hydration pack comes with a small cap which helps in filling up the container with fluid.

There is also a hose attached to the bladder, which is used to suck out and consume the fluid in the bladder. The hose has an extension that runs all the way from the container, over your shoulders to a point where it reaches your mouth without the help of your hands.

Also, most of the hydration packs available on the market come with a hose that has a bite valve. When the valve is bitten by you, the water runs from the hydration pack through the hose into your mouth. Thus, the bite valve acts as a controller or water knob stopper. It all depends on what you choose to call it.

How Do You Clean Them?

These days, we find a lot of people looking to get hydration packs that are self-cleaning or don’t need cleaning. The bad news; regardless of the type of hydration pack you have, cleaning is actually inevitable. There are different methods you can use to clean your hydration pack.

All you need to do is choose the most convenient method or combine other methods alongside to ensure that molds and bacteria don’t make your hydration pack their home.

The first method involves placing your hydration pack in a dishwasher that’s safe. In case you’re not sure if you have a dishwasher that’s safe, it’s best to go through the manual and ensure you follow the company’s recommendations.

This process seems quite convenient due to the fact that you leave all the work to the dishwasher but the truth; this method is best used as a preventive measure against mold and bacteria because the machine doesn’t give the hydration pack thorough cleaning.

The next method involves the use of denture-cleaning tablet and bleach. This method is quite effective, plus you don’t have to worry about it affecting the material of your hydration pack. Before being skeptical about this method, it would interest you to know that this method isn’t just neat but easy as well.

All you need to do is fill your bladder with water and place about one or two denture tablets. Once this is done, you’ve to allow the tablets to settle for some time in the reservoir, then massage the bladder and drain the water.

When the water is completely drained from the bladder, fill it up with warm water again and add about two tablespoons of bleach and repeat the previous process and you have yourself a clean pack. However, you can use only bleach if you don’t have denture-cleaning tablets.

If you have a thing for using natural things to clean, then the lemon method should interest you. When you use lemon juice, the citric acid in it helps to prevent the antimicrobial activities. However, this method is most effective when your hydration pack isn’t already infested with mold.

Hence, it’s best to use this method as a preventive measure rather than an effective method of cleaning. Using this method requires you to rinse your pack thoroughly to avoid a sticky residue, then you place the bladder in the freezer after you’re done.

The last method involves the use of baking soda and warm water. All you need to do is fill up your pack with warm water and add two tablespoons of baking soda. Allow this mixture to sit for a while and drain the pack.

If you’re in search of a method that is remedying and preventive, then this is the best method. When you use this method, it won’t have any harmful effect on your hydration pack; rather it would do a good job of cleaning it thoroughly.

Once you have carried out any of these methods, the concluding part is hanging the hydration pack on a wire hanger to dry properly. If you place your pack in the freezer, you won’t need to hang it out on a wire hanger.

What Are The Main Things To Consider When Buying Hydration Packs?

Before purchasing a hydration pack, there are things that you should put into consideration. Since there are different hydration packs for different activities, you have to know what activity you want to buy the pack for.

This is because a hiking hydration pack is specially built to have sufficient cargo space for storing food and extra layers for placing other important things that would be needed. A cyclist hydration pack is totally different from the previous with it’s low-profile and compact design for stability on your back, wind resistance and lightweight.

These packs usually feature low-profile waist belts to prevent pedaling interference. Also, there are running hydration packs. These kinds of packs usually have a low-profile design, a hydration reservoir, alongside very accessible pockets to keep extra food and clothes.

If you’re involved in snow sports, it’s best to go for the snow sport hydration packs. They are specially designed to prevent your water supply from freezing. It may also have carry strips to permit hands-free transport of your ski.

Another thing you should consider is the capacity of the hydration pack. This is important because you have to be sure about how much water you can carry and if you can refill the pack along the way.

Capacities of three liters or more are ideal for those that easily get thirsty or don’t have plans to refill along the way. If you choose a hydration pack with a larger capacity, you’d have to be ready to carry the weight that comes with it.

Two liters or 2.5-liters is a good choice for those that need to refill occasionally and can carry reasonable weight. If you’re a short-distance bike commuter, hiker, minimalist, or a kid, the one or 1.5-liters capacity will be ideal. The 0.5-liters capacity or less is ideal for lightweight pursuits like walking.

The capacity of the hydration pack gear is another thing you should put into consideration. This ranges from less than 5-liters to 50-liters. Your choice, in this case, should depend on the space needed to carry your personal effects.

If you need load-support features, a lot of cargo room alongside comfort, then the 21-liters capacity and above will be ideal. If you prefer to stay organized with extra pockets, the 6 to 10-liters capacity would be ideal.

If not, the compact and low-profile design with a capacity of 5-liters or less for carrying a few things would be perfect. As long as you plan to use the hydration packs for a long time, then you’d have to consider the durability by checking the materials they are made of and the online reviews like the one you\re getting here.

Ventilation is another thing to put into consideration to ensure that your items are in the best conditions. Some hydration packs come with holes while others may come with a breathable mesh to enhance ventilation.

1) Hydration Bladder Leak Proof Water Reservoir (2L)

0.44 Lbs
Main Material
Premium anti-bacterial material

This leak-proof water reservoir weighs 0.44 lbs and is made of premium anti-bacterial material. When you use this hydration pack, you don’t have to worry about your drink having a bad taste because it’s taste free. This pack is also BPA free and non-toxic.

It’s no surprise that this pack has all the features because it’s tested to comply with international safety standards.

Apart from this pack being pressure tolerant, it has double sealing side technique. This technique contributes to improving its durability. The water bladder has the ability to withstand temperatures between -20 to 500C due to its insulated tubes that repels temperature changes in cold and hot weathers.

When you want to suck water, all you need to do is bite the mouthpiece and pull the valve. From the name of this pack, you can guess that it’s actually leak proof and this is due to its soft mouthpiece that has an accessible on and off valve.

Filling and cleaning this pack is quite easy thanks to its big opening that allows bottle brushes or a wide hand to easily access the interior part of the bladder. It also has a liner in it that’s quite smooth and inhibits germ and lime from adhesion.

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  • It’s durable.
  • It’s easy to use and clean.
  • It can’t contain 2-liters of water.


2) Vibrelli Hydration Pack & Hydration Bladder (2L)

0.80 Lbs
Main Material
Taste-free bladder film

The Vibrelli hydration pack is a lightweight bladder that uses quality water bladder technology. This pack weighs 0.80 lbs and it’s made from taste-free bladder film. It’s certain that nobody wants a pack that leaks, thereby adding to your sweat when you’re carrying out your sporting activities.

That’s why the manufacturers created a shut-off bite valve to ensure that the pack doesn’t leak.

When it comes to ventilation this pack comes with a breathable mesh to ensure that items you put in it are in good condition. It comes with an insulated water bladder and hose to keep your water in the right temperature regardless of the weather.

If you need to carry additional items like jackets or helmets, the pack has external bungee straps and key attachment clip to keep your items secure. When you have to drink, the bladder has a quick click and go hose retainer. This makes it quite easy for you to drink on the go.

As regards being fit, the Vibrelli has waist and chest straps that are adjustable hence; you can adjust it to fit you perfectly. In case of an emergency, the pack has a safety whistle in one of its belt clips that could come in handy.

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  • It is lightweight.
  • The hose is properly positioned to grab easily.
  • It’s compact.
  • It’s durable.
  • It doesn’t give your drink a plastic taste
  • The shoulder straps could be uncomfortable.
  • It doesn’t have any outer zippered pocket.


3) WACOOL Hydration Pack (3L)

0.55 Lbs
Main Material

If you’re looking for a hydration pack that is wear-proof and pressure-tolerant then the WACOOL hydration pack is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a 0.6 mm extra thick liner and double soldering sealing side technique that enhances its durability.

You can take your mind off from having your water taste of plastic because this hydration pack is made of BPA-Free EVA material that contributes to making your water completely tasteless and odorless.

Refilling this hydration pack is quite easy because it has a double design large opening with a tight seal. It’s also easy to clean because of its design. When you go hiking, you can carry as much water as you desire in this hydration pack bladder because it has a capacity of 3-liters.

Even if this pack is under a 60-kilogram pressure, the double soldering seal prevents it from leaking. When you’re done drinking water with the mouthpiece, it has a self-lock that stops it from leaking and a dust cover to protect it from dirt and dust particles.

Another interesting feature of this pack is its glass-like interior that helps prevent any sediment.

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  • The water in the bladder stays cool regardless of the weather.
  • Water flows out of the straw with ease.
  • It’s easy to fill and clean.
  • It doesn’t leak.
  • It’s made from high-quality material.
  • The drinking piece doesn’t close properly.
  • It can hold only water.
  • When exposed to sharp objects, the hydration pack may break.


4) Teton Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Backpack (2L)

2.0 Lbs
Main Material

This is another BPA free hydration pack that weighs 2.0 lbs. This pack doesn’t just have a lightweight but it’s quite comfortable and comes with adjustable features that make it perfect for any kind of adventure.

The hydration pack has a capacity of 2-liters for water with a hidden-teeth zipper, large pockets, and a weather guard. With this feature, there’s no need to worry about your food, clothes, or gear because it will be protected.

The Teton hydration pack was designed to fit any frame comfortably and you can decide to wear this pack all day long without any discomfort. This is due to its high-density notched foam stabilizer and comfort-taped straps with mesh covering.

The overall capacity of this pack is about 18-liters. This means you can comfortably pack your necessary belongings alongside your water without any issues.

The Teton sports hydration pack has a sewn-in rain cover located at the bottom of the pack that helps protect and keeps it dry. If you’re cycling or hiking and you desire to limit the bounce from your pack, simply use the multiple compression straps to tighten your pack down.

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  • It has a large capacity to take your camping gear.
  • The screw-on cap helps to prevent leakages from the pack.
  • It’s comfortable due to its padded shoulder straps.
  • If you overload the pack, the mesh might start to tear.


5) Teton Sports Trailrunner Hydration Backpack (2L)

0.9 Lbs
Main Material

The Teton sports trailrunner weighs 0.9 lbs and it’s perfect for activities like hiking, running and cycling. While you’re at it, this pack allows you to store up to 2-liters of water. The bladder is made of BPA free material that ensures your water is void of any kind of chemical taste.

If you choose to put ice cubes in the pack, its 2-inch opening makes it easy. It also has a push-lock cushioned bite valve and kink-free sip tube that makes drinking from the valve quite easy. In case of an emergency, you can make use of the built-in orange whistle, strap clips to keep extra straps protected and a reflective trim that is necessary for night safety.

The pack can be used by anybody because of its low-profile athletic cut that has full adjustment fits for any kind of frame as well as an adjustable waist belt for increased stability and comfort.

Storing small essentials is not a big deal with this pack because of its deep front pocket and bungee storage.

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  • It is lightweight.
  • It’s durable.
  • It sits comfortably on the back.
  • It maintains the temperature of the water you put in it.
  • It has a small pocket on the back that can fit your phone.
  • The bladder has a wide opening that makes refilling easy.
  • It doesn’t have any opening outside to refill the bladder.
  • It’s quite difficult to get water out of the valve.


6) Baen Sendi Hydration Pack Backpack (2L) 

0.69 Lbs
Main Material
Strong Plastic

If you have a passion for hiking or cycling, especially for covering long distances, this hydration pack will be a perfect choice for you. You can comfortably extinguish your thirst with the Baen Sendi 2 liters hydration pack.

Regardless of the terrain, whether it’s in the deserts of Saudi Arabia or the mountain heights of Mount Everest, this hydration pack will obviously not disappoint you.

The bladder of this hydration pack has a durable capacity to store 2 liters of water properly without any issues. The bottle of the hydration pack has a premium aquatic blue design which gives it that amazing cool feature, thereby keeping the water cool even under the hot scorching sun.

If you are a “green advocate,” you will definitely like this hydration pack because it’s formed from a TPU material that is eco-friendly and a BPA material that encourages good hygiene reducing the risk of the bladder to grow any form of mildew or mold.

The Baen Sendi 2 liters hydration pack has a wear-proof function plus its pressure-tolerant which makes it even more sturdy and long-lasting.

The opening of the bladder has a size of 3.54 inches wide which can enable you to drop some ice inside the bladder, which will preserve the coolness of your water for a long time. Also, a wide opening equally makes it quite easy for you to clean after use.

The strong nature of the elastic plastic is quite solid and sturdy which is not easily prone to damage, plus it’s susceptible to any sort of leakage. Thus, you can be sure that you will rock this one for quite a long time.

The Baen Sendi hydration pack can comfortably survive temperatures between -20 up to 50 degrees Celsius, and it comes with a dust cover which is also useful to enhance a greater performance. With this fantastic hydration pack, you can be sure to enjoy convenience when you are outdoors doing your long-distant sporting activity.

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  • It’s quite easy to clean this hydration pack.
  • The hydration pack is absolutely odorless.
  • It works perfectly in storing your water cold for a long period of time.
  • At the first use, it may give out a certain strong plastic taste.
  • Sometimes, the water doesn’t come out well with the bite hose.


7) MIRACOL Hydration Backpack (2L)

1 Lbs
Main Material

The Miracol hydration backpack is just the perfect, attractive and multipurpose equipment you need for your cycling, running, hiking, and other sporting activities. This accessory is quite portable and it’s suitable for both male and females because of its easy adjustability.

The hydration pack is made from nylon, which makes it less prone to wearing and tearing. Also, its water resistant nature makes it a good option even under the rain. The backpack is quite light in weight weighing just 1 lb, because of the material used in making it; it’s easy and comfortable for you to carry on your shoulders.

The harness straps of the hydration pack are quite sturdy, durable and soft which absolutely removes any form of discomfort for you while you’re carrying it.

You can easily adjust the chest and waist of this hydration pack with absolutely no stress.         

Thus, you will discover that the backpack is quite comfortable for you because there is absolutely no wiggling or sliding when you are cycling, running or undergoing any sporting activity that will require the movement of your hands and legs.

In a case where you decide to go for a walk in your neighborhood, you can quickly remove the reservoir in the hydration pack and only make use of the backpack.

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  • There is a thermal pack in the hydration pack that allows your fluid cool up to 5-6 hours.
  • The backpack has a ton of compartments, which you can use for storing your personal belongings.
  • The screw-on cap is large.
  • It has a compact design.
  • It’s quite tight to lock and open the latches on the backpack.


8) Unigear Hydration Pack (2L) 

1.60 Lbs
Main Material
Splash resistant Nylon

The Unigear hydration backpack comes with a trim and smooth design which is quite ultra-light and durable. This enables you to store enough water and accessories for every of your outdoor sporting activities ranging from; hiking, cycling, jogging in the park,  or run marathons.

The hydration backpack has waist and chest straps that are quite adjustable, thus, making it comfortable and suitable for both male and female. The backpack has deep pockets for storing your wallet and snacks.

The backpack is made from a high-quality water-resistant material which makes it possible for the backpack to withstand any sort of outdoor activity even under the rain.

The backpack comes in a compact size of 16.5 x 8 x 6.0 inches, with shoulder straps that are quite adjustable. Its strap can perfectly suit kids or teenagers with a 27” chest size and adults, both men and women with a 50” chest size. The waist and chest straps are quite firm enough to ensure there is not bouncing or moving out of your arms while you’re in motion.

The Ultra-lightweight of this bag is because of its nylon-built material which is splash resistant. The bladder of the hydration pack, which is replaceable, can take up to 2 liters worth of fluid. Thus, you can store enough liquid to carry you all through your long-distant journey.

The bladder also has the ability to keep the water in it cool for a long time because of its airflow system.

The bladder also has a wide screw-on opening that can allow cubes of ices into it, which helps keeps the coolness of the fluid inside it. Thus, you can stay outdoors for up to 5 hours with your fluid having the fairly cool temperature.

The straps of this hydration backpack are quite sturdy; therefore they can withstand any form of wear and tear.

If you want to store your personal belongings like your bunch of keys, your iPhone, and any other important accessories while you race or cycle with this bag you can do it without having the bag weigh you down.

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  • The backpack is quite compact.
  • The backpack is sturdy.
  • Easy to clean because of it wide screw-on opening.
  • The zippers could get quite hard to close sometimes, due to some sort of friction.


9) Mubasel Gear Hydration Backpack Pack (2L)

0.7 Lbs
Main Material
Waterproof nylon

The Mubasel Hydration backpack is the perfect choice for anyone that wants to avoid any form of heaviness while running or cycling. Thus, it has a rather lightweight of 0.7lbs because it’s made from nylon.

However, it’s capable of storing up to 2-liters worth of liquid. It also has portable compartments where you can store your personal belongings. This hydration backpack can also be used as a support pillow when you go hiking and camping on the mountain as it will comfortably and withstand up to 132lb worth of weight.

Also, it passed the FDA test as a quality food grade hydration backpack. This is possible because it has no aftermath chemical taste or odor.

The hydration backpack also has a wide screw-on cap that can allow the entry of ice cubes. Also, its wide screw-on cap makes it easy for it to be cleaned.

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  • It’s FDA Approved.
  • It has a large screw-on cap, which makes it easy to clean.
  • The chest strap is quite short, especially for big sized people.
  • It has no insulation, thus, your water can only stay cold as long as your ice cubes are still active.


10) Mubasel Gear Insulated Hydration Backpack

1.25 Lbs
Main Material
Waterproof nylon

The difference between this hydration pack and the one above is the insulation system. This Mubasel hydration pack has a better insulation system than the previous. Thus, it can keep your fluid cold for up to 5 hours long.

Apparently, you can cover long distances with this hydration pack and still have your water cold. It also has an approved FDA test.  Thus, it’s quite hygienic enough to prevent any sort of mold over a period of time.

The hydration backpack has portable and sturdy storage pockets that will properly store all your belongings such as; phones, purse, clothes, keys, etc. You can even store more when you are cycling because it has a front stretch mesh compartment.

The bladder has a 100 percent leak-proof capacity because the screw-on cap is tightly fitted and can’t lose at any time because of the fitness of the screw-on knob.

The shoulder paddings of the backpack are quite padded and light, making it easy and comfortable for you to carry about without any stress. Thus, it’s solid and suitable for any of your outdoor sporting activities.

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  • The bladder of the hydration pack has a solid insulation system that will keep your fluid cold for up to 5 hours.
  • It has many compartments to carry all your accessories easily.
  • Its light weighted.
  • It’s FDA approved.
  • The shoulder straps are quite short, thus, it’s not suitable for a broad-shouldered person.


Wrapping Up

It’s obvious that hydration packs have changed the way a lot of people approach biking, hiking, and other outdoor sporting events rather than the conventional plastic water bottles.

Thus, the hydration pack has brought more fun and convenience to a ton of out-doors sporting events. However, we believe this review will help you get the perfect hydration pack best fit your needs.