Technology has gradually yet successfully become an essential part of modern life as people rely on devices for communication, productivity, entertainment, health, and more. In fact, almost everyone brings more than just their smartphones whenever they head out. Since close to all manufacturers these days incorporate the same fast-charging protocols, UGREEN wants to make it convenient for us with its Nexode Pro 160W.

Depending on how tech-savvy the user is, they won’t even bother with the details about their gadget’s charging requirements. Everybody just takes it for granted that the latest models usually support fast-charging systems which can take them from zero to almost a full day’s worth of battery in mere minutes.

Just like other brands, UGREEN has established a solid reputation when it comes to charging solutions. The Nexode Pro 160W, as it says in the name, can technically output up to 160W as long as the unit and its BMS are compatible. No need to bring separate charging bricks as it comes with three USB-C ports and a single USB-A port.

For comparison, it is slightly more compact than a regular MacBook charger yet can simultaneously handle up to four devices. For overall efficiency, UGREEN leverages its GaNInfinity chip to optimally distribute the power requirements of whatever is hooked up to its ports with minimal heat generation.

Furthermore, safety systems are in place to prevent overloading your gadgets. Keep in mind the UGREEN Nexode Pro 160W allocates the charging wattage based on the port chosen and how many are in use simultaneously. Android units are at an advantage here given the variety of fast-charging protocols supported. Meanwhile, Apple’s latest handsets max out at 27W only.

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Images courtesy of UGREEN