Like most tech-savvy individuals, we also believed that the advancements in smartphone imaging capabilities would eventually replace conventional cameras. However, reality paints a different picture as point-and-shoot, mirrorless, and DSLR shooters remain relevant. Therefore, if you need a reliable model that can withstand whatever nature throws at it, the Tough TG-7 from OM System fits the bill.

Lugging around an expensive camera and spare lens is essential for professional photographers, but casual shutterbugs like us can make do with our smartphones. Sadly, even with the purportedly robust ingress protection ratings of modern handsets, there are scenarios wherein these won’t survive. What you need is this bad boy right here.

The Tough TG-7 comes from a renowned roster of weatherproof cameras from Olympus. The manufacturer’s rebrand to OM System encompasses its entire lineup of products. At first, we thought it was bought out by another firm, yet it’s comforting to learn that technically everything except the name should be the same.

This assures us the latest version is brimming with awesome features longtime users have come to expect from the series. Measuring 65.8 mm x 113.9 mm x 32.7 mm (H x W x D) and weighing only 249 grams, it’s handy enough to take pictures with one hand. Its rugged aesthetics are not only for show as the Tough TG-7 has a reputation to uphold.

Hence, the housing and its internal components are engineered to shrug off impacts, moisture, and extreme temperatures. OM System outfits the Tough TG-7 with a 1/2.33” CMOS sensor with a 12.7-megapixel resolution. Its aperture ranges between 2.0 to 4.9 and supports up to 4x optical zoom with a long list of shooting modes. The Tough TG-7 is available in a vibrant red colorway and stealthy tonal black.

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Images courtesy of OM System