It seems like every major tech manufacturer is gunning for Apple this year. It appears to be a multi-faceted attack form all angles. All other Android OEMs going up against the iPhone 12. Amazon and Peloton are matching up against its Fitness+ workout streaming service. Then the undisputed king of wearables – the Apple Watch – facing a horde of new smartwatch models. The latest to join the fray is Garmin with its Venu Sq with two variants available.

While most of Apple’s competitors have been sporting a round form factor, the Series 6 and SE retain the square shape with rounded edges. Now, Garmin appears to be taking some design cues from the former for its Venu Sq lineup. The entry-level version starts at $199, while the Music Edition retails for $249. Both come with a 1.3-inch 240 x 240 color LCD touch display under a Gorilla Glass 3 panel.

To keep the device light yet durable, Garmin uses a special polymer material that should withstand most impacts. Meanwhile, the aluminum bezels add a hint of contrast to the dark presentation of the device. Similar to the Apple Watch Series 6, The Venu Sq now ships with a blood oxygen saturation sensor. This gives users an overview of their pulmonary fitness, which they can discuss with their healthcare providers.

Meanwhile, given that many associate Garmin with location-tracking technology, the brand equips the Venu Sq with a GPS unit. In smartwatch mode, a full charge can last up to six days. However, in GPS mode with continuous tracking, could still manage around 14 hours before it requires a recharge. To our surprise, it even comes with Garmin Pay NFC for contactless payments.

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Images courtesy of Garmin