If you’re thinking that the only smartwatches that matter are the ones from Apple or Samsung, you are clearly missing out. Garmin has been making some of the most striking wearables out there and the most durable as well. Its MARQ series expands to accommodate another heavy-duty model called the Commander.

Each of the models under this label is geared specifically for its respective users and their field of expertise. This ranges from drivers, seafarers, athletes, adventurers, and aviators. Now the latest one to join the crew is designed for those who serve.

This wearable is what Garmin likes to call a luxury modern tool watch. With a price tag of $1,950, it’s worth noting this is not your average smartwatch. People who are in the line of duty will appreciate what the MARQ Commander brings to the table. With built-in topographical maps, a UTC bezel, jumpmaster functions, and a host of other tactical features make it a useful accessory even in combat.

Precision is essential for success, which is why the Garmin MARQ Commander offers only the best. Its multi-GNSS system tracks your location using GLONASS, GPS, and Gallileo satellite systems for unparalleled accuracy. Moreover, the fitness-tracking setup on board can give its users an overview of their stress levels, oxygen levels, and heart rate.

Another cool feature we stumbled upon is the Kill Switch and Stealth Mode function. When activated the former erases all stored data, while the latter disables all wireless connectivity and disables location tracking services. Finally, the Garmin MARQ Commander comes in a stylish DLC-coated titanium case with a jacquard weave nylon strap.

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Images courtesy of Garmin