Video games is a lucrative business and may very well continue to be until the end of time. It all started at the arcades, shifted to people’s homes, and then came handheld gaming. These days, smartphone gaming is at an all-time high and GameSir is ready to enhance our experience. With the F8 Pro Snowgon, you can push it to the limit.

As manufacturers build even more powerful gaming handsets, the heat eventually becomes an issue. Even with all the advanced cooling systems such as heatsinks, vapor chambers, and fans, it’s not enough. This is where GameSir steps in with its mobile cooling grip to help out gamers.

What we like about the F8 Pro Snowgon is how it addresses other aspects of mobile gaming as well. Before we go into detail about that, let’s focus on what this accessory brings to the table. The system uses a combination of components to draw heat away from the device.

These are a 7-blade fan, an aluminum alloy cooling column, a thermoelectric cooler module, a cold plate, and a thermally conductive silicone pad. Just plug it in, toggle the switch, and watch it come to life as the RGB lighting shines from within. You can almost immediately feel how cold it gets.

What comes next is ergonomics as the comfortable grips stretch out and clamp down securely on your smartphone. Then there’s the detachable joystick for games that demand precisions. Finally, the built-in kickstand is there when you need it. Please note that you must plug in the F8 Pro Snowgon to a power source via USB-C for it to work.

Buy – $39.99

Images courtesy of GameSir