The market has seen its surge of face masks offering unique and upgraded protection properties amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The production of these type of masks continues to evolve as time wears on. The G95 Bioshield Face Mask, for instance, not just looks fashionable but also provides optimum protection.

This pandemic has everyone coming up with ways to stay safe and protected: from face shields, face masks, air purifiers, people adapt to where the need is. Face masks are always in demand especially those that offer more than it looks. GD5’s protective gear keeps you breathing normally and comfortably because of its soft material.

The G95 Bioshield Face Mask comes in three varieties: the Bioshield 1, Bioshield 2, and Bioshield Pro. The Bioshield 2 provides a more structured fit than its predecessor and is for extended wear. All varieties are breathable, come with a nose wire and adjustable straps for a custom fit. They also have built-in G95 filtration technology inside from edge to edge that prevents dust, allergens, viruses, liquids, or moisture from seeping through. This tech comprises of a nonwoven fiber exterior, a nanofiber membrane, and an interior nonwoven fabric 20 g/m2.

The Bioshield Pro though is ideal for the active lifestyle. Those who work out at the gym or engage in sports can benefit from this mask. It has extended-wear comfort and protection and comes with a hands-free strap system.

The G95 Bioshield Face Mask ensures 99.9 percent efficacy in filtering viral and bacterial particles. It is not just breathable but its material is also safe on the skin as it does not cause irritation.

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Images courtesy of G95