So far the industry’s shift toward electrification is going by smoothly. There’s a steady pace of releases that keep us busy and eager for more. The great about this movement is that it does not require a big change in the visual aspect. Anyway, there are no rules against designing these to look futuristic, but having a few familiar elements will help make it more appealing. The trick is not to alienate consumers from what they recognize and the FUELL Fluid-1S Prime does a great job of doing so.

Other than exceptionally keeping a normal profile, this e-bike is flaunting some serious firepower behind its design. Legendary engineer Erik Buell lends his expertise and experience to supervise the creation of this cutting-edge machine. Just like most e-bikes, riders can opt to use the pedals or go full-electric and let the 500W motor do all the grunt work. What gives it class-leading performance is pair of removable batteries with a rated capacity of 1,008 Wh each.

These connect to the top and bottom part of the frame and generate more than enough power for sensational range. A full charge can take you up to 125 miles or even further with some assistance from the pedals. The FUELL Fluid-1S Prime sports a 3.2-inch smart screen to show you its the battery level, speed, assistance levels, provide security. Moreover, owners can plug in their mobile devices for a quick charge during their commute. This is shaping up to be the gold standard for other mobility options to follow.

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Images courtesy of FUELL