Finding the right balance between classic and modern aesthetics is not easy. Masking the technology with retro features can be quite a challenge for manufacturers. Nevertheless, one brand seems to have a secret formula to craft innovative rides that are elegant and exciting. The Vintage Electric Roadster is what the company playfully calls a “speed merchant.” This e-bike can take you for a spin with speeds of up to 36 miles per hour.

Connoisseurs of old-school design will undoubtedly love the retro charm that oozes from its body. The frame’s sloping curves are a result of advanced hydroforming processes that can shape ductile metals effectively. This gives the Roadster a robust aluminum construction that can take a lot of abuse on the road. The seat and handlebars are wrapped in leather for that premium vibe to match the bike’s quality.

You’re looking at a 75-mile range on a full charge, which is more than enough for your daily commute or adventures. Power comes from a 1,123-Wh battery that works in tandem with a regenerative-breaking system. Just dial back on the throttle and you can ride longer and farther than normal. It just takes 4.5 hours to fully-charge the e-bike.

Instead of the usual configuration on most e-bikes, the Vintage Electric Roadster uses a thumb throttle for more control. For added safety, an LED headlamp sits up front to light your way at night, while the LED taillights take care of the rear. The flagship trim with a rack and two panniers will set you back around $7,607, while the standard goes for $6,995.

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Images courtesy of Vintage Electric