For urbanites like us, the daily commute can be done in various ways. We have a bunch of options available such as public transportation or personal vehicles, but unless you have free parking space, it might be better to go with the former option. The evolution of personal transport opened up even more avenues for us to travel around the city. Folding bikes are a neat concept and coupled with an electric motor result in an eco-friendly solution to get around.

E-bike design is pretty much straightforward as it continues to employ the same conventional form factor that’s been around for a while now—after all, why fix something that’s not broken right? Therefore, innovative approaches like the AK-1 deliver something out-of-the-ordinary. Yes, it’s a folding electric bike, yet the folding part is automated.

With a touch of a button, this two-wheeled transport automatically folds down or opens up. It shaves off a few seconds of effort on your part and looks absolutely cool in the process. Designed by Ronsben Huen and manufactured by Factory Five, it features a USB port for charging gadgets, a status display, and even comes with built-in wireless Bluetooth speakers. A single charge can take you 22 miles at speeds of 20 mph.

Factory Five AK-1

Photos courtesy of Factory Five