Streetwear designer Hiroshi Fujiwara has been collaborating with leading companies like crazy over the past few months. It’s remarkable to see his fashion label grow in popularity and reach more markets across the globe. For his latest project – the Freshthings x Fragment Yoyo – he is partnering with four-time world yo-yo champion Hiroyuki Suzuki. It’s exciting to see what these two Japanese brands come up with in the future.

For now, let’s check out what the Freshthings x Fragment Yoyo is all about. First of all, metal versions of this challenging toy have been around for years. Still, aside from the big names behind it as its selling point, the titanium construction makes it a premium plaything.

With a guy who intimately knows how to optimize its performance, this here is precision engineering at its best. To ensure minimal friction upon release, the Freshthings x Fragment Yoyo uses smooth ball bearings. This allows the body to maximize the kinetic energy from your arm and wrist to spin longer.

The satin finish on the titanium looks top-notch with very minimal markings. The surface of the outer rings have engravings that red Fragment Yo-Yo. Then the innermost section bears the Fragment Design emblem of double lighting bolts. Even the packaging oozes with a minimalist vibe with no other print save for the badge on the top.

There are only 100 examples available which make this an extremely exclusive release. At $570, the pricing for the Freshthings x Fragment Yoyo should deter the casual crowd. On the other hand, not everyone who purchases one will even play with it. Instead, it’s like ending up as a showpiece along with other items in their collection.

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Images courtesy of Freshthings/Fragment Design