oo much time on your game console isn’t great for your eyes or your waistline, so why not recreate your favorite shooter games outdoors? One can get more active and discover a new way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Nerf guns are nothing new, as we grew up with them. Yet many guys are getting back into using them. Who can blame them, though?

If your partner asked you to find a new interest or hobby, then you’ve got the perfect excuse to look through a store for possible Nerf guns to buy. Sure, you might be in the doghouse for a couple of nights. However, the fun you and your buddies are going to have with these boy toys will be totally worth it.

They’re great to kill some time on your own at home or to bond over with your kid, and they’re also perfect to play bigger gun games with your wolfpack.

There are lots of different types of Nerf guns for men on the market right now and they have many different capabilities and features. For this reason, choosing your weapon should be a careful and calculated process. To help you pick the best Nerf gun from the get-go, we had a shootout at our Men’s Gear office – don’t tell the bosses!

This wasn’t just great because we got to shoot our colleagues, but we also found the 20 best Nerf guns on the market right now.

Before we show you our impressive Nerf gun arsenal, let’s address some Nerf gun FAQs to help you figure out the perfect type of gun for you. “M” may have died but you and Mr. Bond still have us!

What Different Types of Nerf Guns are there?

Not all Nerf guns for men are the same, and this is a big deal to know about. Some of their models have been designed to provide outstanding power and reach impressive distances. Others have been made to be stealth-like and fire minimal but devastating shots.

The more powerful Nerf guns for men can reach impressive distances between 70 and 90 feet away. If your opponent thinks he’s outside your reach at the other end of the garden, he’s in for a sharp and unsuspecting surprise. Some Nerf guns may also be exceptionally powerful over these distances.

These guns can make contact with their targets around 24-30 meters away in just one second.

Stats like these give your opponent very little time to do his best Neo impression from the Matrix before being stung by your sharp shooting.

What Are The Main Things To Consider When Buying A Nerf Gun?

There are lots of things you need to consider when doing your Nerf gun shopping. We think the most important considerations should be ammunition capacity, size of the gun and power. Let’s explain why we think these are the most important.

Ammunition Capacity:

Obviously, ammunition is important in a lot of scenarios. You don’t want to be fumbling around trying to reload every minute while getting pelted from all angles. Having a gun that can store lots of bullets or darts at once allows you to take advantage of other people’s need to reload and put them under pressure.

Some of the best Nerf guns for men will even give you a warning that you need to reload, which is even more convenient. All hell will break loose while you and your friends run around the home. You’ll obviously need to be prepared for a Tombstone-like shootout when you have the right ammunition capacity.

The size of your gun:

Size is clearly an important feature you need to think about. Yes, sometimes size does matter gentlemen, just ask your partner. One of the biggest things to remember is that you want to find a powerful gun that is also light and easy to carry. There’s no point in getting a monster of a weapon if you have no mobility when carrying it.

Trying to find the balance is key. Nerf have considered this in some of their models and their longest gun can adapt and become shorter when needed.

The power of your gun is something else to take into consideration. If you have a powerful gun you can stand at great distances and still make clear and powerful headshots. Distance plus power equals success. We’re beginning to sound a bit like Einstein, but these things are important!

What Are The Best Nerf Gun Games I Can Play With Friends & Family?

A Nerf gun can be enjoyed on your own as you aim at targets in your back garden or it can be enjoyed in small or large groups. You can have a barbeque and beers in the back garden with Nerf Gun target games easily possible. When with friends, you may want to play target games.

This is where you score points for getting your shot inside or outside rings or knocking empty beer bottles over. This is a great game to play in small or large groups and can be played individually or as a team.

Nerf Gun manufacturers have already considered the team element within their product designs. Some of their range is made in blue or red colors. This goes well with their ongoing Team Blue vs. Team Red theme. They also have a specific sub-range of their guns.

This acts as a third team that can opt in and out of the blue and red team as the game progresses.

While in your teams, there are plenty of other games you can play. Capture the flag or every man for himself is massively popular. You could even play with the same rules you might use in the paintballing arena. Interestingly, you can now go to Nerf Gun arenas and battle it out in costumes.

You and your friends can see how you fair against zombies and other creatures in a simulated Nerf Gun battle scene. Well, if you live close to Oklahoma City at least. It’s likely more of these “Nerf Arenas” will start popping up soon though, so keep your eyes peeled and your Nerf Gun loaded!

Now, let’s go through our list of the best Nerf guns for men currently out. We’ve made sure our list has something for every situation and need.

1) Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 Red

The first on our Nerf guns to grace our list of the best Nerf guns for men is this sharpshooter. It looks really cool and holds up to 30 rounds of rounded ammo. This means you can fire for longer without having to take cover and reload.

It’s easy to reload too, as one just needs to pull the magazine cover back and you’ll find a hole to insert your reserve ammo. They’ve designed this aspect well because the hole you insert the balls into is slightly smaller than the ammo itself. This means it’ll require a gentle push through. Why?

This is so your ammo doesn’t fall out when you are doing those Matrix-type cartwheels to dodge incoming shots. Exaggeration aside, it’s a great design for when you just run with the gun.

It’s one of the top-performing Nerf guns as well because it can reach impressive distances of around 30 meters in just one second. We’re sure you’ll have a lot of fun with this model so there’s only one question remaining. Are you Team Red or are you Team Blue?

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  • Awesome design
  • 30 round capacity
  • Easy reloading
  • Clever magazine design allows more mobility
  • Fires at 30mps
  • Available for Team Red and Team Blue
  • Others have even bigger ammo capacities


2) Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K, Red

Brand Name
Model Number

This Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is among the best Nerf guns for men on the market. It is perfect for stocking large amounts of ammo at a time. When we say a large amount, we mean up to 100 rounds of circular bullets at a time! They’re kept in a type of tank, just inside the hopper feed.

You then have them sitting around, just ready to unleash on victims.

It’s a good job this gun has a big capacity because it’s motor operated to give it much more punch. It also releases bullets at a rate of 30 meters per a second. However, it does this in quicker succession than the previous model. If you’re under attack and outnumbered, then this gun will be perfect to help you and the guys escape unharmed.

The bullets come out so quickly you can pepper the opposition with lots of shots in just a few seconds.

As this gun is a motorized design you’ll need to buy 6D batteries to make it work. Sadly, these aren’t included in the product itself. We know this is the second time we’ve pictured the red model and we promise we’re not trying to reveal where our loyalties lie. We also love the Team Blue version just as much!

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  • Huge capacity of 100 bullets
  • Motorized operation
  • 30mps performance
  • Quick firing capabilities
  • Team Blue and Team Red options
  • More prone to ammo jams
  • Batteries not included


3) Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Helios XVIII-700

One from the smaller Nerf gun collection is the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Helios XVIII-700. It has a unique design that sits on the forearm, meaning you can operate the gun with one hand. This will allow you to leave your other hand free for ammo supplies. Possibly, even another Nerf gun!

It has a much lesser ammo capacity than the two previous guns with just 7 rounds being able to fit inside at once. These are inserted using an easy-load magazine which slots into the gun’s handle. Despite its smaller stature it still packs a punch that keeps up with the bigger guns.

It fires up to 30 meters per a second through its spring activation, and no batteries are needed here!

This is the first gun we’ve shown you that isn’t part of the Team Red and Team Blue theme. However, they are not separate from this ongoing game. These guns are designed in a black and gray with orange trimmings but are supplied with red and blue flags. Owners of these guns can switch between teams as they wish.

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  • Easy to carry and compact
  • Lightweight
  • 30mps high performance
  • Provided with both team flags
  • One-handed operation
  • You’ll need to reload often


4) Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster (Blue)

Brand Name
Model Number

The Nerf Rival Khaos MXVI-4000 Blaster is a big awesome Nerf gun that will definitely make you one of the most powerful members of your team games. It requires two hands to hold and use and is operated through a motor. This motor requires 6D batteries to work, but they are sadly not included when you buy this Nerf gun.

The motorized operation does enable you to rapidly release bullets onto your targets. These bullets are pulled from one of the coolest magazine designs you’re going to see on one of these guns. The magazine has four columns which steadily empty as you rain bullets on your friends.

With all this power you won’t be surprised that it also has incredible specifications. Your bullet can hit your pal Dave standing 30 meters away in just one second. He’ll never get out of the way fast enough! That’ll teach him for not to bring your lawnmower back for 3 months.

When you think Nerf guns for men, this Nerf Rival certainly takes the cake for most.

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  • Big and powerful
  • 30mps range
  • Motorized operation
  • Quick successive firing
  • Impressive magazine unloading
  • Cool design
  • Heavy gun reduces mobility


5) Nerf Doomlands 2169 Lawbringer Blaster

The Nerf Doomlands 2169 Lawbringer Blaster definitely one of their most uniquely designed Nerf guns for men on the market. The added stock to the rear of the gun will sit under your armpit and allow you to be even more precise. It has a transparent part which allows you to see the inside of the gun and how it functions.

This will not be the last time you’ll encounter this feature on today’s list.

This very cool gun is backed up by a rotating barrel which is compatible with all of Nerf’s darts. One of the key features is its dart storage located on the back of the gun. This will keep your valuable darts close for when you need to reload and escape enemy lines.

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  • Cool and unique design
  • Rotating barrel
  • Compatible with various Nerf darts
  • Dart storage located on the gun
  • No batteries required
  • It’s bulky and not so compact


6) Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 (Red)

Brand Name
Model Number

The Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 has earned its title as one of the best Nerf guns for men in our eyes. It’s another gun that’s part of the Team Blue and Team Red faceoff. They aren’t all part of this showdown and you’ll get to see some guns in other colors shortly – we promise!

It has a smaller magazine capacity and holds just 7 rounds. This is a medium-sized gun that can be operated with one or two hands. Use one when on the move and use two to steady your aim to take out an opponent in stealth-like fashion.

This is a spring-action gun that doesn’t require batteries which makes maintaining it easier. It has a trigger lock and a tactical rail that help it get appreciative nods and hit targets 30 meters away in a single second. What’s not to like?

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  • Available in red or blue
  • Operate with one or two hands
  • Spring operated – no batteries!
  • Trigger lock and tactical rail
  • Fires at 30mps
  • Small capacity magazine


7) Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Blaster (Red)

Brand Name
Model Number

The Nerf Rival Atlas XVI-1200 Blaster is a special gun. Why? It can fire two rounds at once! It has 2 magazines of twelve rounds that can be loaded into the gun at once. This is a bigger gun that will need to be used with both hands. It has a tactical rail and a trigger lock that make it a spring-firing design rather than a motorized Nerf gun.

It will hit targets 24 meters away in just one second which is not as impressive as the guns we’ve already featured but it’s still not going to give your best buddy time to move out the way before you shoot him. This is an awesome gun that will make you welcome on Team Red or Team Blue and you’ll definitely not be picked last among the gang!

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  • Load two magazines at once
  • Considerable ammo capacity
  • Spring enabled firing
  • Fires at 24mps
  • For Team Red or Team Blue members
  • There are more powerful options


8) Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

Brand Name
Model Number

Known for firing darts instead of rounded ammo, Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor is quite amazing. It has a smaller capacity of just six darts that are inserted into a rotating drum. The darts can be released towards your target in one of two ways.

You can fire one at a time or you can release all 6 darts in rapid succession.

This gun will be operated using one hand unless you’re a little Nerf enthusiast and ahead of your school peers by reading Men’s Gear. Those little guys may need two hands. The gun has a cool purple, gray, and orange design and is super cheap compared to some of the other best Nerf guns for men on our list.

This is especially true when you consider this gun still reaches whopping performance highs of firing at 27 meters per a second.

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  • Cheaper Nerf gun
  • Dart ammo
  • Two firing methods
  • Impressive 27mps firing
  • Cool design
  • Only 6 dart drum capacity


9) Nerf N-Strike BowStrike Blaster

An impressive and cheaper model from our Nerf gun collection is the N-Strike Bowstrike Blaster. It has a unique design which is a bit of a cross between a crossbow and a small airplane. Well, maybe that is just us who sees it. The bow arms extend and it has a sight that flips up to help you line up your shots and become more accurate.

It’s a great introduction to the Nerf gun scene for you or your child. It holds up to 3 darts at a time and fires through a pullback mechanism. The best part is that no batteries are needed! When you think about the best Nerf guns for men, you do not think about batteries failing you.

Especially in the middle of a great Nerf Gun War! Gladly, the N-Strike won’t let us down.

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  • Unique design
  • Perfect for little guys
  • Extendable bow
  • Sight to improve accuracy
  • No batteries needed
  • Maximum 3 dart capacity


10) Nerf Modulus Motorized Blaster (No accessories)

Brand Name
Model Number

Another great option is to build your own unique Nerf gun. You can do just that with the Nerf Modulus Motorized Blaster. It’s part of the modular system where you can build your own Nerf destroyer by adding other Nerf accessories. In fact, there are up to 1,000 possible combinations. Of course, this depends on what accessory kits you choose to get.

On its own, this is a big cool gun in a white, green, orange, and gray colors. It’s a motorized model to give it more power. You’ll need to buy the ammunition clip, 4AA batteries, and other accessories separately. Once you have the gun exactly how you want it, you’ll be able to make your darts fly 27 meters per a second!

Are you up for a Nerf gun project?

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  • Make a bespoke Nerf gun!
  • 1000 possible combinations
  • 27mps performance
  • Cool design
  • Big and powerful
  • Needs accessories and batteries


11) Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus

Brand Name
Model Number

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus is like one of the best and high-quality Nerf guns for men on the market. It’ll surely allow men who buy it to impress and, well, shoot their friends. It comes in a black, blue, and orange design and is a big gun that requires two-handed operation.

It’s a fully motorized model with a 30-dart drum capacity.

You don’t remove the drum to load it up but simply load your ammo automatically by placing them into a chute. There is a traffic light system to give you information about your reloading progress. There’s a green light that informs the user when they’re ready for war.

Meanwhile, a yellow light lets you know when it’s time to reload and a red light to make you aware when there’s an ammunition jam.

The gun is compatible with other Nerf clips and drums so if one of these parts break there is no need to trade in your trusty weapon. The cool part is that you can easily find a replacement part online.

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  • Awesome aesthetics
  • Auto reloading via a chute
  • Traffic light dashboard system
  • Compatible with other Nerf accessories
  • Exceptional 30-dart capacity
  • Requires 4D batteries to operate


12) Nerf Thunderhawk AccuStrike Mega Toy Blaster

The largest of all Nerf guns is the Thunderhawk AccuStrike Blaster. This gun measures in at a whopping 1 meter in length. However, you can adjust the length of the gun to make it compatible for stealth-mode sniper action and mobile use. This gun fires Nerf’s mega darts and can hold ten of them at once.

That’s not the only unique and cool feature that these Nerf guns for men have in store for you either! It also has folding bipod legs to help you make accurate shots when hiding out waiting for your prey.

This is one of the reasons that it’s officially one of the most accurate Nerf guns ever made. Nerf did some testing themselves to prove this, so you don’t just have to take our word for it.

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  • Longest Nerf gun available
  • Can be scaled down for mobility
  • Fires mega darts
  • Folding bipod legs
  • Highly accurate gun
  • Cool design
  • Capacity more suited for stealth-like use


13) Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster

One of the cheapest and best Nerf guns for men on the market is this Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster. It holds three elite Nerf darts and is an exceptionally small gun. It can be hidden in the palm of your hand and fits into a pocket seamlessly.

This makes it perfect to conceal and can be a backup gun that the opposing team will never suspect in the event of a capture.

Despite being the smallest Nerf gun you’ll find, it has unbelievable performance capabilities. Each one of its three elite darts can be propelled to an outstanding distance of 90 feet away! It’s extremely lightweight. something we all need when we’re in a team war.

You can make a shot by simply pulling the cocking handle back and release. This is a perfect Nerf introduction or a secret weapon to surprise the enemy!

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  • Easy to conceal
  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Unbelievable shooting range
  • Easy firing mechanism
  • Awesome design
  • It’s not a main battle gun


14) Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hades XVIII-6000

Another option from Phantom Corps, these are perfect Nerf guns for men for those yet to commit to the Red Team or Blue Team. However, you do receive the two red and blue flags which can attach to the gun as the other Phantom Corps gun offers.

It has a massive ammo capacity and holds 60 rounds at once that are easily loaded via the magazine. It’s a spring-action gun which requires no batteries at all.

Other noteworthy features are its trigger lock and a tactical rail. It offers slam firing for repeated shooting in rapid time. All of these bullets won’t just leave the gun fast, they’ll stay fast by traveling at impeccable speeds of 30 meters per a second.

It’s a long gun measuring in at 70cms so you’ll need two hands to work it.

Unless you have hands the size of spades. Though in that case, you wouldn’t even need a gun to go to battle!

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  • Comes with red and blue team flags
  • Huge 60-round capacity
  • Easy loading
  • Trigger lock and tactical rail
  • Rapid fire capability
  • Performs at 30mps
  • Its size reduces mobility


15) Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster

A cheap, lightweight, and an easily concealable option is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster. It’s a gun that has been designed for super stealth rather than chaotic warfare. It’s supplied with 2 of Nerf’s elite darts that can be loaded into the barrel directly.

However, the gun only holds one of these darts at a time.

This is why our branding of this gun is that of a stealth-type gun. It is perfect for those looking for a killer shot. However, the low capacity does make it a harder option outside of the “shadows,” if you will. It comes in a cool orange color and can be fired exceptionally easily by pulling the cocking handle backward and then releasing it.

Another in the Nerf guns for men market that guys like is this Nerf N-Strike. Like others, it allows for more stealth. The limitations it has makes it more of a challenge to use, and that is half the fun.

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  • Cheaper than other models
  • Light and easily concealable
  • Direct loading
  • Cool design
  • Easy to fire
  • Needs constant reloading
  • Not for high-intensity battling


16) Nerf Modulus Recon Battlescout

Brand Name
Model Number

The Nerf Modulus Recon Battlescout is a white, green, and gray gun that has a feature that no other Nerf gun can boast. What’s this special feature we referenced? It’s a high-def 720p camera attached to the gun that’s ready to capture your buddy’s faces when you pop out from nowhere and pepper them with Nerf bullets.

For serious Nerf gun warriors, this can also be used to analyze performance.

The camera can be reattached to other suitable Nerf guns that have a tactical rail as well. Despite having a camera, this gun is a pump action gun that releases up to 10 elite darts. It does require batteries if you intend to film the action.

However, if you’re going to spare your friends from embarrassing cowering and domination, then the batteries can be left in the designated house-battery drawer. You know, alongside with those multi-color rubber bands and spare light bulbs.

This is one of the most amazing Nerf guns for men on the market, and we strongly urge you to consider this model!

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  • Colorful and cool design
  • Includes unique HD camera
  • Record and photograph all the action
  • Regular use doesn’t require batteries
  • SD card not included
  • More ammo capacity would be welcome


17) Nerf Doomlands 2169 Negotiator Blaster (Amazon Exclusive)

The design of the Nerf Doomlands 2169 Negotiator Blaster is rather cool. It has a transparent part which unveils the inner working of the gun. It’s thump-powered and produces a hammer action which releases 8 elite darts in a row. When dudes think about proper Nerf guns for men, they often think of this model.

Why? It’s blending ability and rapid fire.

When you insert a dart into the drum and after firing that dart, the drum will automatically swivel around. This is to prepare the next dart for its intended target very quickly. Likely, a friend turned victim in your Nerf gun rage.

This Nerf gun can be used with one hand for mobile use or you can use both hands and steady yourself to take down your pal. How would you operate it? It’s truly up to you, as there are multiple possibilities with very few bad decisions possible.

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  • Awesome transparent element
  • Aesthetically cool
  • Hammer action for successive shooting
  • Perfect for mobile or stationary use
  • Only available on Amazon
  • We want more ammo!


18) Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster

Brand Name
Model Number

Among the many Nerf guns for men on this list, you should consider the N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster. It stacks up quite well against all previously listed. It can be operated with one or two hands, depending on which is best for you. If you use it with one hand it has semi-automatic firing.

When using it with two hands, you can use one hand to power the motor and the other to fire the trigger.

It is a motorized blaster with a clip that holds 6 elite Nerf darts. The motor will fire these darts to impressive distances around 75 feet away. That means nobody is safe in the backyard, no one! Another impressive feature is the tactical rail that is compatible with a lot of other Nerf accessories.

That means you can tailor this gun to make it a little more personal.

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  • Tactical rail compatible with accessories
  • Semi-automatic firing system
  • Motorized operation
  • Fires to a range of 75 feet
  • Awesome manufacturing
  • Only has a 6-dart capacity


19) Nerf N-Strike Elite DoubleBreach Blaster

Likely one of the best on our Men’s Gear top 20 best Nerf guns for men is the Nerf N-Strike Elite DoubleBreach Blaster. This isn’t just because of its cool red design, but rather, because it fires its ammo via a double barrel. Two shots come out at once giving you twice the threat and improved accuracy.

Near misses will become solid hits with twice the bullets in one shot.

Not only are two bullets firing at once in this thing, but they can reach their target a whopping 90 feet away. It’s a pump action model, which means no batteries are needed and should be used with two hands. It stocks 6 mega whistler darts that you’ll just about be able to hear over the squirms of your opponents.

However, it has an innovative clip attached to the side of the gun where you can easily store more darts for when it’s time to reload.

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  • Innovative ammo storage attached
  • Fires two bullets at once!
  • Incredible 90 feet range
  • Cool red design
  • No batteries required
  • You’ll need to frequently reload


20) Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock Blaster may have a modest dart capacity of just 6 darts, but it’s another outstanding performer. It fires whistling darts up to colossal distances around 90 feet away. In fact, it has a lot of similar features to the Nerf N-Strike option above.

Nerf guns for men like this tend to be a favorite in the Nerf community due to their almost assassin-like quality. It also demands precision, making it a nice male challenge.

However, there are some ways in which they differ. First is the fact it has a rotating drum which you manually feed your whistling darts into. This is also a very light model and can be operated with one or two hands as preferred. This is one of the most solid Nerf guns around.

To top it off, it is much cheaper than other models of similar performance capabilities.

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  • Fires cool whistling darts
  • Propels bullets up to 90 feet away
  • Exceptionally light and easy to carry
  • One or two-handed operation
  • Cheaper than other similar models
  • Low ammo capacity


Have You Targeted Yours?

Thanks for sticking with us through the onslaught of the best Nerf guns for men currently at your fingertips. Despite them coming from one company, there are plenty of amazing models to choose from. All of them have an array of exciting features we love, and we’re sure you do too.

There are guns with HD cameras that capture the action to bullets whistling past your head at insane distances.

These certainly aren’t the ordinary the toy guns that many of us grew up with. That is why it is so cool to get into Nerf guns for men. You’re celebrating childhood while also keeping your manhood in order too. It is nostalgia meeting good, old-fashioned, fun with your bros.

We hope you found the perfect one to equip yourself for your group’s next showdown, and we wish you well going into battle.