It’s been a while since we’ve seen any revolutionary upgrades to protective headgear. Aside from the introduction of lightweight but durable materials in newer models, the concept is pretty much the same. What we are referring to is the layer of foam that sits in between the outer shell and the inner lining. For the longest time, what keeps our head safe from extreme impacts is the combination of various shock-absorbing materials. However, new technology like the Fluid Inside impact protection system is about to change the game.

The company is taking 25 years of research data regarding head injuries to come up with a unique solution. Medical studies show that the human body already is already using a remarkable system to protect our brain from impacts. A layer of fluid surrounding the brain ideally keep it from getting thrown around our skulls. However, strong and sudden hits resulting from various factors can cause major damage and even death.

Drawing inspiration from our body’s natural defenses, the company hopes to introduce something different. Instead of regular foam layers, the Fluid Inside impact protection system will add Fluid Pods to the mix. Each of these pads will hold a special liquid akin in composition to that of our cerebrospinal fluids. Depending on the type and purpose of the helmet, the pads will be applied to specific areas that receive the most impact. This new technology will make protective headgear safer in the future. We are hoping that this concept will be making its way to other types of safety gear later on.

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Images courtesy of Fluid Inside