With the popularity of coffee as a beverage showing no signs of dropping in the future, we are seeing innovations dropping here and there. Of course, the traditional ways of preparing the drink are still available, but improvements are always welcome. Fellow introduces a French Press called the Clara to brew you a cup or more of your favorite blend. Its design addresses a flaw that plagues this preparation process.

We should all know by now the thermodynamics always plays a pivotal role when it comes to temperature. Since your average French Press only uses heat-resistant glass, there is no insulation. This leads to heat dissipation, which can subtly change how your brew tastes. Instead, Fellow adds a double-wall vacuum to lock in heat within the Clara.

Although not exactly an innovation, the matte finish of its stainless steel body does look sleek and stylish. Fellow is offering the Clara in matte black or matte black with a walnut handle. The blackout version is what we like but the wooden accent adds a welcome touch of class.

No need to use tools such as scales or measuring spoons. Just load your desired coffee grounds up to the marker, pour hot water up to the line, replace cover/filter mesh, wait a couple of minutes, then press and pour. The metal carafe holds up to 24 ounces which is perfect for groups or even solo (if you drink that much in one sitting)

The set includes a wooden agitation stick so you can even distribute the ground coffee. Also, the interior surfaces of the Clara tout a non-stick coat to make cleanup easy. Meanwhile, the plastic lid and handle are crafted out of BPA-free plastic.

Buy – $99

Images courtesy of Fellow