Getting your caffeine fix can take minutes if you’re lining up at a cafe. But you don’t have to wait that long with the Osma, a portable coffee device that gives you barista-style coffee in a jiffy.

This ingenious machine brews a cup of cold brew or hot java in as fast as one minute. The short process amazingly does not affect the quality of your drink. You still get rich, smooth, and intense taste and aroma. This is all thanks to its patent-pending process that involves a combination of pressure, immersion, and circulation that helps preserve the coffee flavor.

The Osma can produce an amazing 20 cups of coffee. That is more than one can handle in a day no matter how immune to caffeine you are. Outside of maintaining the taste of good coffee, this device also has sustainability in mind. It uses biodegradable pods that you can put into your garden compost or plant directly to the ground. The cups feature premium-quality Chromatic Coffee. But they are also available empty so you can fill it with your preferred coffee grounds.

As for the process, a cold brew needs chilled water to achieve the smoothness and deliciously complex flavor you get from an overnight brew. The Osma though does not need the whole night but just a minute. Meanwhile, hot water provides a rich and flavorful cup. Water goes through the reservoir and you get your cup of joe with a press of a button. With its portable size, you can definitely have a cuppa anywhere and anytime.

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Images courtesy of Osma