When you want something printed on the spot, you don’t have to run and find a printer when you have the PrintPods. This is an advanced handheld printer that lets you print on anything, anytime, and on the go.

This nifty device gives you various ink options to make printing fun. If you want something durable and permanent, then there’s the black non-removable ink that works well on T-shirts, bags, shoes, paper, or on any material. The ink does not fade even when washed with water. It glides smoothly over any surface for precise and clean markings.

However, if you want something skin-friendly, then it is also available in black, red, and navy colors. This ink is 100 percent safe, non-corrosive, water-soluble, and non-irritating. It is perfect for temporary tattoos like during parties or festivities. Simply spray the ink on the skin and skim the PrintPods.

Then there’s the invisible ink which is perfect for fun little sleuthing games with children. As with other invisible inks, the words printed only become visible when hit with a UV light.

The PrintPods lets you switch ink types quickly (think changing your printer’s cartridges) and glides smoothly on any surface. It works superbly with wood, plastic, leather, and metal and gives a clean print every time. This applies to curved or irregular shaped surfaces and on rough or smooth surfaces.

This ingenious tech works with a companion iOS and Android app where you can edit your letters, fonts, images, and more. There are in-app patterns available too. T

The PrintPods Advanced Handheld Printer uses pulley sensors for accurate and fast printing. It works on a 500mAH battery and a single cartridge capable of giving 3500 continuous prints.

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Images courtesy of EVEBOT