The name Escobar is associated with a lot of things and most of them are not pleasant. Sure, we get that all that money and power are intoxicating for some, but how it came to be was not exactly a pretty picture. Thus, the name is quite notorious around the world, but one designer is naming his latest project the Escobar House for some reason. Credit goes to Luciano Kruk for this modern dwelling for a small family.

The Escobar House sits close to a golf course and promises a panoramic view of lush green landscapes. The location is just a little over 30 miles from Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is great for those who want peace and relaxation. So far, the only caveat we can think off is the possibility of some swings that can land a golf ball into the property.

Expect to save a lot on your power bill as massive glass panels and windows allow natural light to illuminate the interior. To ensure that there is a measure of privacy for the occupants, the structure does so in style. A horizontal section that runs the length of the house shows just enough to intrigue those who happen to gaze upon its form.

We find that the generous use of concrete with glass gives the Escobar House a cool personality. The open terrace appears to be a great spot to just unwind after a busy day or during the weekend. Moreover, a quick dip in the pool while sipping a drink seems like a fancy way to spend your free time. If not, maybe a quick round of golf should make for a great activity.

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Images courtesy of Luciano Kruk