Recently, we have featured homes that not only highlighted the structure but likewise took advantage of the scenery. With the right location and architect, houses can become artistic pieces amid a panoramic view. The folks from Wunschhaus AT with their experience probably know exactly how to accomplish this. Just look at the Desire House concept that nestles in just the right spot so Mother Nature becomes the star of the show.

You probably know that experts would tell you that straight lines or completely flat surfaces are not natural. Even if it seems that way, looking at the bigger picture will reveal the truth one way or another. With an understanding of how stuff works without human intervention, the Desire House observes these guidelines carefully with its flowing design approach.

With the help of digital artist TABARQ, Wunschhaus AT is taking its plans out of paper and into 3D digital form. This allows potential clients to take a virtual tour of this striking modern dwelling. The way its designers are envisioning the project is setting it somewhere up in the Austrian Alps.

Just like how the natural order of things shuns lines and even surfaces, Wunschhaus AT plays by the rules. Therefore, the structure itself is full of curves and open spaces that melt into the landscape. The driveway sits higher than the main building with steps leading down to the living area.

Guest can marvel at the majestic sweeping view from almost anywhere within the property. Furthermore, other creature comforts such as a sun deck, infinity pool, and jacuzzi share the spacious terrace. Interested parties can commission the design firm to build their bespoke Desire House.

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Images courtesy of Wunschhaus AT/TABARQ