Portuguese woodworking specialist Madeiguincho’s latest tiny house is one of its most unique and eye-catching to date. Named the Terra m1_Tiny House on Wheels, it features a curving roof strategically opened on one end to accommodate a cozy terrace. 

The house is inspired by the cosmic vastness of Alentejo nights, from where it is located in the rural area of Portugal. Built for a client as part of a collection of three micro-dwellings, the house measures just 5 meters (16.4ft) long and designed to host individuals or couples as a main residence or vacation getaway.

The Terra m1_Tiny House on Wheels is based on a double-axle trailer and features cork and timber cladding. It has a small deck attached to its exterior to expand the compact interior space, which has a simple and straightforward layout.

Finished in wood, the interior comes with a separate shower room and toilet near the entrance and a large combined seating/storage area. Like in all of Madeiguincho’s  bathrooms, the shower is also accessible from the outside. Then there’s a small kitchen with a countertop and sink but sans a cooktop, which can be installed.  There’s also a wood-burning stove and a main sleeping area on the ground floor. 

Meanwhile, a loft-type space above the entrance can be used as an extra bedroom or storage area. The Terra m1_Tiny House on Wheels welcomes natural light and ventilation via operable rectangular and porthole-style windows, the largest of the latter opens out to the roof terrace. On the opposite side of the home is a fixed ladder that leads to the loft with a tiny porthole window. 

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Images courtesy of Madeiguincho