Among the fascinating modes of transportation that we have featured a while back, nothing could come close to this one. The Embraer x Porsche Duet is perhaps the most outrageous collaboration so far this year. This is definitely for society’s elite as the pairing includes a matching Phenom 300E and 911 Turbo S. Each represents their respective world-class engineering which is synonymous with luxury-class performance.

Now, owners can enjoy the exclusivity it delivers up in the air and on the road. You can probably argue that there are even more expensive ways to burn cash, we love the pairing of design elements between these two. The Embraer x Porsche Duet stands out thanks to how each side shares some elements.

For example, both the business jet and the coupe flaunt a bespoke logo to marks their partnership. . Of course, what’s immediately noticeable is paint palette which both come with. One can find it on the winglets of the Phenom 300E and on the rear wing of the 911 Turbo S.

The symbol apparently equates to lift for an aircraft and downforce for a sports car. We can say that whoever came up with this idea deserves praise for how they represented the relationship between the two totally different platforms.

We can only images how it would feel when owners transition from flight to motoring and the other way around. The Embraer x Porsche Duet is something only a few will get to enjoy. With only 10 pairs in production, it wouldn’t be a surprise that all are already spoken for.

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Images courtesy of Embraer/Porsche