In the military, there are various methods that can give soldiers an advantage over the enemy. A tactical strategy normally relies on information gathered from reconnaissance missions by a scouting party. Stealth is of the utmost importance, which is why unnecessary noise must be avoided at all times. Therefore, most operators travel by foot and in certain situations, use silent means of transportation if available. Given that it is virtually impossible to eliminate the sound a combustion engine makes, electric motors are the best option. E-Racer presents the Rugged – a Zero FXS electric motorcycle with military-grade enhancements.

While battery-powered vehicles can also offer the same benefits, two-wheelers are evidently more versatile. Motorcycles can manoeuvre around more obstacles than their four-wheeled counterparts. Hence, in a military operation, these can be essential tools for scouts. The Rugged, on the other hand, is exactly what its name implies. For lightweight mobility, it sports an aluminium chassis and frame. E-Racer takes it up another level by adding carbon fibre and Kevlar bodywork.

However, that’s now enough, the company is covering the pieces with Line-X ballistic armour coating for good measure. For low-light visibility, it comes with Highsider Poliessoidal LED headlights. Meanwhile, for perimeter lighting, the Rugged is armed with 12 Eagle Eye LEDs. Running the show is a Motor-Z motor with settings for Urban, Eco, and Custom. Producing up to 46 horsepower and 78 lb-ft of torque, the 7.2 kWh battery can push it as far as 100 miles on a single charge. We need to see more of these type of builds in the future.

E-Racer Rugged starts at $6,640

Images courtesy of E-Racer