Here at Men’s Gear, we will never tire of hearing about all-electric transportation. In fact, we just love it when we hear about all of the new eco-friendly stuff heading our way. Right now, the majority of us here in the office are loving the innovative approach of the Lightyear One. This appears to be the world’s first solar electric sedan and what if offers is definitely cutting-edge. Meanwhile, let’s not forget that the motorcycle industry is likewise pushing for a battery-powered future. Hence, it’s time to check out the Zero XP and what makes it special.

This model is a custom build under the helm of Hugo Eccles from United Motorcycles. While other manufacturers emphasize on showcasing futuristic aesthetics, the Zero XP opts for a subtle approach. Instead of overwhelming our senses with LED lighting, loud colors, and over-engineering the hell out of it, we get a simple yet stylish design. The silver and gray tones are visibly muted by the matte finish. However, we find that everything works to its advantage when it comes to the looks department.

The Zero XP not only promises zero emission, but it can also go from zero to 124 miles per hour without needing to change gears. Despite packing advanced technology and components, the bike still oozes traditional vibes. Nevertheless, it’s clear that what you’re seeing is what motorcycles in the future will look like. We can do our part as consumers by supporting these companies that are doing their best to reduce our impact on the environment.

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Images courtesy of Zero Motorcycles