In the earlier days of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot about the disease that medical experts did not understand. As such, doctors were hooking up those with severe symptoms to ventilators. This led to equipment shortages globally, but several companies rose up to offer their services. Dyson was one of them as it designed and produced ventilators in record time. Now, we’re featuring a stylish gadget from the company that promises to help against the viral outbreak called the Pure

The key to stopping its spread is to destroy the pathogen before it makes its way into the human body. Therefore, Dyson is presenting an all-in-one solution that not only purifies the air within your residence but also cools and humidifies when needed. If you’re familiar with the brand’s bladeless technology then the look should be familiar.

However, unlike its single-purpose models, the Pure series offers a comprehensive HEPA filtration system. This allows the device to capture bacteria, gases, allergens, and other pollutants. Moreover, it doubles as a humidifier to keep rooms cool and prevents your skin and other sensitive membranes from drying out.

For that extra level of protection and $100 more, the PH02 model boasts Cyptomic technology to destroy formaldehyde continuously. Owners can also get a real-time overview directly via the LCD screen or directly on your smartphone via the companion app.

With this in your home, you’ll soon experience the comfort and difference in air quality. Over time, you can even say goodbye to your pesky allergies or asthma attacks. The Dyson Pure is definitely another awesome gadget to have these days.

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Images courtesy of Dyson