Most of you probably know a guy named James Dyson. That’s right we’re talking about that British inventor responsible for those crazy-expensive vacuums and bladeless fans. Aside from the usual fare that we see from the brand, the company actually has a cool project on the side. It seems that he was planning to be more than just the king of premium and innovative household appliances. In a bid to compete with the likes of Tesla, the Dyson electric car was going to be an intimidating contender.

Aside from the creature comforts you would expect from a high-end vehicle, all-electric models strive for the best mileage. Before one even considers buying an emission-free ride, the range should be on the top of your list. A lot of factors contribute to this such as weight, aerodynamics, driving style, and batteries. The latter is exactly what Dyson was focusing on in the concept phases of his transport.

Meanwhile, work on the Dyson electric car apparently started in 2016. After acquiring Sakti3 — a solid-state battery startup – for $90 million the rumor mill began churning. Originally, the plan was to mass-produce innovative battery technology for the companies that need them. Eventually, the direction shifted to the production of an all-electric automobile under its own marque.

With over 600 people working on it, multiple patents were being filed at the time. Thanks to its aluminum construction and massive battery unit, the Dyson electric car is capable of 600 miles on a single charge. Unfortunately, before the SUV could make its official debut, it was cancelled.

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Images courtesy of Dyson