A collapsible water bottle saves space and it being reusable also means it’s sustainable. Dubbed as the “world’s first reusable Origami Bottle,” the DiFOLD Origami Bottle packs down flat for portability.

This nifty and handy home essential guarantees to save you space in your gym bag, backpack, or duffel bag. It packs down flat so you can put it anywhere or squeeze it into a small space. It is the answer to people’s problems with reusable bottles: take space, heavy and bulky, use non-sustainable materials, and not safe and portable.

The DiFOLD Origami Bottle uses 100 percent leakproof stainless steel thread and cap that comes with a carrying ring. It is lightweight at just 4.2 ounces with the cap. Its glossy internal surface and non-adhesive material make it easy to clean either via dishwasher or a cleaning brush.

This packable water bottle only uses FDA-approved and safe materials including a premium thermoplastic polymer to make it durable even when folded. It is free of BPA and other toxins and does not leave an aftertaste or emit a foul odor.

The DiFOLD Origami Bottle folds at 80 percent of its total length size of 8.3 inches. That’s an amazing pack-down size that you may never find in a reusable bottle. The only thing that pops out is its cap. Even its carrying ring flips up and down for added compact. The bottle also stays stable even when unfolded and filled to the brim up to its 750 ml capacity. est of all, this collapsible bottle comes in fun colors of pink, blue, and green.

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Images courtesy of DiFOLD