Sometimes we get too busy to think about consuming 8-10 glasses of water a day. It skips our mind to hydrate often and this is where the H2OPal Smart Water Bottle comes in handy. This glass bottle keeps you up to date on your water intake and reminds you when you should drink up.

This everyday carry comes in two parts: the bottle and the tracker. The borosilicate glass bottle is transparent so you can see how much water you’ve consumed. You can fill it up with 18.6 ounces of water and it comes with various silicone bands on the top and the middle to give it a sporty look and decent non-slip grip.

Meanwhile, the tracker is located at the bottom part and it contains the smart features of the H2OPal Smart Water Bottle. The smart tracker uses a single coin cell battery that lasts up to six months. To access its features, you need to download its accompanying mobile app where you can set notifications/reminders, personalizations, and more so you get daily updates or progress of your water intake vs. hydration goal straight to your smartphone.

The great thing about the smart tracker is it is removable. If you want to trade the glass bottle for a plastic one, you can easily reconnect the bottom to a gym bottle or another. The tracker is not specifically linked to its accompanying glass bottle so it will continue to work on others.

Moreover, the H2OPal Smart Water Bottle works with Fitbit, the Apple Health app, and with Alexa for hands-free phone access and voice update on your water intake.

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H2OPal Smart Water Bottle

H2OPal Smart Water Bottle

Images courtesy of H2OPal