When you want to use bills but have nowhere safe to tuck them in, then trust EDC masters Dango Products to find the solution for you.  The Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip for one is ideal for both cash and cards. With its robust construction and rugged design, you’d want to have it anywhere with you on the go.

If you’re the type who loves to stack bundles and use cash instead of cards, then this money carrier is for you. This is a robust yet lightweight (2.8oz) money clip that is not limited to just storing paper. It can also hold your most-used cards thanks to well-thought-out divisions.

It consists of two metal parts: a high-strength titanium clip bolted to a CNC machined, 6061 aerospace aluminum chassis. A silicone band hugs the body of the chassis, thus allowing for more storage space or partitions for big and small bills.  

Meanwhile, the titanium clip is very versatile and agile. It can flex so you can carry up to 50 bills. It even retracts when you’re down to just one bill so it can hold the money securely. As for the silicone band on the Dango MC01 Titanium Money Clip, it can carry extra cash and cards, up to 10mm in thickness. In perspective, that’s around 30 bills or 10 plastic cards.

This handy everyday carry even comes with a built-in bottle opener on the titanium clip. The Dango MC01 also has two attachment points, one found on the bottom of the chassis and the other on top of the clip, that serves as key holders or for tethers or paracord lanyards.

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Images courtesy of Dango Products