When the time comes to swap blades or maintain pocketknives or the utility gears in your keychain multi-tools, then you need specific items to pry those screws loose. A hex bit driver or screwdriver certainly come in handy but you don’t really want to be bringing them separately. If possible, you want them stored in one compact and portable tool for convenience and the CRKT 6-Bit Driver Tool does just that.

Designed by Joe Wu for CRKT, this is a pocket-size driver set that comes, as its name entails, with six bits including a T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15. The bits store in built-in internal storage located on one end so you don’t have to keep them separately. Meanwhile, the opposite end features a magnetic tip to keep the driver bit secure during use.

The CRKT 6-Bit Driver Tool forgoes a tool bag as it is easy in the pocket and also easy in the hands. It features an ergonomic shape so you can grip it securely and comfortably while in use. Best of all, it uses durable materials for its construction. The aluminum handle comes with an anodized finish to make it scratch-resistant. After all, you are dealing with metal here.

Likewise, the handle is also crafted for maximum torque so you can work in comfort and safety. As with other portable CRKT tools, this one is at a size just right for your hands. It measures 3.24 inches and is lightweight at just 3.10 ounces. It even boasts rugged aesthetics and a unique design for a driver tool.

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