It is highly likely that automotive enthusiasts are likewise fans of motorsports. Additionally, they are also the same folks that absolutely love racing games or driving simulators. Thankfully, there is no shortage of peripherals that can make the experience even more immersive. Logitech and Thrustmaster are perhaps the most iconic brands when it comes to steering wheels, shifter knobs, and pedals. However, these pale in comparison to what Cranfield Simulation can offer with the F1 Simulator.

While a high-end steering wheel with force feedback can do a remarkable job mimicking the real thing. You can feel the vibrations and resistance that would emulate how the vehicle behaves on the road or the race track. Formula One cars are still considered the pinnacle of motorsport. In fact, many would give anything to fell what it’s like being in the cockpit of these powerful machines. Thankfully, Cranfield Simulation can make it happen in a sense for the right budget.

The company is offering the most robust and dynamic systems out there to configured to meet the buyer’s needs. For the F1 Simulator, there are three options available: Static, Full Motion, and Full Motion + G-Force. The basic package starts at about $34,000 with the top of the line setup costing as much as some high-performance supercars at $170,000.

Using Cranfield Motion Cueing technology, the range-topping F1 Simulator version can reproduce various sensations one can feel inside an automobile. It combines everything to give the user the most accurate representation of what an F1 driver feels during a race. The set already includes everything one needs to get started, so make sure that you have adequate space to house this massive monster.

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Images courtesy of Cranfield Simulation