Very few get the opportunity to drive a real F1 racing car, and you know what? Even if we could, most of us would spin out on every single corner thanks to the aerodynamic force, raw speed, and blistering acceleration. We have found the next best thing however in the shape of the Formula 1 Full-Size Racing Simulator, a full sized Formula One racing replica that boasts a custom racing simulator that immerses you in the action thanks to three 23-inch screens, 5.1 surround sound, and a powerful Intel Core I7 processor.

In terms of looking and feeling the real thing, then the Formula 1 Full Size Racing Simulator is the real deal. The car features a full set of pedals, and an authentic quick-release F1 steering wheel with paddle gear shifters and about a million buttons. You can choose a finish of red, silver, or black; while there are magnesium alloy wheels and Pirelli F1 tyres to complete the look.

Let’s be honest, this is essentially a computer game, but you can forget any notion of Gran Turismo 3 on your PlayStation because this is something else entirely. When a pilot needs to practice he gets in a simulator, before an astronaut heads for space he gets in a simulator and the Formula 1 Full-Size Racing Simulator is exactly the same, the real racing experience in computer form. Unfortunately, you could buy a very real car for the staggering price of $140,000, so this is only for the super-rich, the kind of millionaire that has plenty of space to fit these things.