The Coolest Coffee Table is your ultimate office or game room table or even ideal as a center table. It packs useful tech features not found in any of its kind.

It is more than just a piece of wood carved together to create a functional workstation or table space. Other handy features make it stand out because it makes work-life convenient. No space and corner is wasted as each has its specific function to support your connected lifestyle.

The Coolest Coffee Table has multiple storage compartments, a pop-up tabletop extension if you need more storage space, and built-in coasters for your drinks. What makes it stand out from other coffee tables is the addition of a cooling fridge that can house two canned beverages. It also has two built-in Bluetooth speakers and a device control station. You also don’t have to worry about finding USB plugs since there are twin USB docking parts installed. Underneath you will find the power cable connection lined along with the speakers.

This smart table also features two secure AC power ports. A hidden storage bin keeps your electrical cords tucked neatly and safely. Storage-wise, this table has two pull-out drawers, a hidden compartment under the pop-up extension, and a sliding dual-level side drawer.

The Coolest Coffee Table is perfect for small spaces, easy to wipe clean, and has RGB light show capability which you can adjust on your smartphone. It does not require assembly thus there are no bolts, screws, or even nails. You can choose from oak, cherry, or black colors.

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Images courtesy of Coolest Products