Most of you who have been following us for a while now would know our love for video games. We regularly showcase products that have everything or maybe some elements related to gaming. While most of the gaming industry is now focusing on the upcoming next-generation console way, others are still more interested in classic forms of the popular pastime. Thankfully, Love Hultén feels the same way and dedicates his talents to craft awesome pieces. His latest work gives us the Arcade Coffee Table and its stunning.

The beauty of the stuff that makes it out of the shop from Love Hultén is the use of wood. While some of the items on offer feature other material as well, we prefer the wooden ones the most. As the name implies, the Arcade Coffee Table exactly does what owners expect. The Swedish visionary designer delivers a beautiful piece of furniture that covertly hides another functionality.

Catering to nostalgic gamers who have more than enough pocket money, this brings people back to the days when arcades were on the rise. The craftsmanship that goes into the table is outstanding which uses American walnut. Meanwhile, the handles of the drawer are in the shape of a regular joystick.

Once owners pull the drawer out, the handle can be removed and transferred to the slot on the surface. What we have now is a full-size panel akin to that of arcade cabinets. The mix of wood and brass turns the Arcade Coffee Table into a timeless centerpiece in any home or man cave. We want to see more like these from Love Hultén in the future.

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Images courtesy of Love Hultén