Sometimes it can be a drag to sit all day on your computer so you stand up and stretch a bit. But this cycle continues as long as you maintain a sitting position when at work. The NOTADESK is a mobile workstation that makes it possible for you to take your work outside the confines of your office sans the worry of having to find a proper work surface for your laptop.

This ingenious product lets you take your work to the park, the gardens, the beach, or practically anywhere. It is portable and can support a max weight of 30kg. It provides the right inclination for your wrists for optimal comfort.

With the NOTADESK, you have your dedicated workspace. It comes in two options: the suction cup/tree clip and the tripod. The tripod makes it convenient to work practically anywhere. You can easily set the legs down on any surface and the desk can securely support your gear. The tripod has two adjustable sizes from 35cm to 160 cm. This makes it easy to use when sitting down too and it can easily turn your desk into a podium.

Meanwhile, the suction cup/tree clip lets you secure the desk to a tree or suction it to a glass wall in case you want to work with a view. The desk itself can support up to 17″-sized laptops.

The NOTADESK comprises of a wing and a stopper. It uses stainless steel spring for the wing and UV filter to increase durability. The desk is made entirely of bamboo and the plastic parts out of recycled materials.

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Images courtesy of NOTADESK