Nestled in a suburban community in Seattle is the Clyde Hill House. This elegant dwelling offers privacy and lots of spacious room for a relaxing stay.

Paul Michael Davis Architects designed this house with a low-sloped metal roof that rises to create a long ridge in the middle for a courtyard. It then slopes back down to the rear yard. The house boasts elegance from its facade to the inside with its modern contemporary design and furnishings.

A huge, landscaped lawn and a long concrete walkway grace the front. Unlike modern homes with the garage placed out front, this one has its large garage tucked neatly underneath the house to complement its sloping landscape. This design allows for more spacious rooms inside.

The Clyde Hill House is not short on spacious rooms that provide natural lighting and a serene atmosphere. Wrapped directly around the lawn are the master bedroom and a great room, giving the design an L-shaped layout. Situated under a low-profile flat room are the secondary rooms that add another layer around the main living areas. They also hide both the interior and exterior spaces for privacy.

Inside awaits a breathtaking sight: celestial windows, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, and a 40-foot skylight flood room that gives the interior natural lighting. The house itself is a sight to see even at night with warm inviting lights adorning the entryway, the courtyard, and the living spaces.

Moreover, the Clyde Hill House does not hold back in incorporating the beauty of nature into its design. Plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, and more greet your eyes from the walkway going in and out of the courtyard.

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Images courtesy of Paul Michael Davis Architects