The Santa Monica Canyon House offers a relaxing abode for those who love the sights and sounds coming from vast greenery. This house incorporates nature into its design and construction for a laid-back atmosphere.

Designed by Conner & Perry Architects, the house sits amongst trees and constructed to give you a feeling of living amongst trees. It boasts a contemporary and traditional edge with large eye-catching windows that provides great views of the scenery. Both the interior and exterior aspects of the house make sure to incorporate natural elements that surround the property . These include a mix of massangis grey limestones, french oak flooring, steel, brass, and marbles and tiles.

These combinations of materials give the Santa Monica Canyon House a striking appeal both inside and out. Art also plays a big role in design and construction. Every view, corner, and wall in the property either showcases nature or the owner’s collection of art. The owner’s wife is Jamie Price, daughter of Dallas Price, and a MOCA board member. She has quite an impressive artwork collection to display and gawked at. There are framed paintings, wall paintings, a record collection, and all sorts of artwork adorn the house from the entryway, the patio, the living room, bathroom, and everywhere else.

The two-story Santa Monica Canyon House hosts a library, a media room, an office, and a pool courtyard. There are rear decks too with a dining and living room, among other living luxuries. The master bathroom is even massive enough to accommodate an extra room.

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Images courtesy of Conner & Perry Architects