Naila House in Mexico is your place to stay if you’re looking for a respite from urban living. This serene house sits on a rocky area of a beach in Puerto Escondido for the idyllic beach escape.

Designed by Mexican architecture studio BAAQ, this house comprises a complex of four wood and concrete volumes in varying heights. It predominantly uses palm tree wood and sits on a reinforced concrete base. Then there are the sloping roofs that top the construction to allude to its surrounding rocky and rugged topography. The interior uses clay and earth floors to prove thermal comfort for guests. They are cool during summer days. They also give the interior space a natural look. The clay stove in the kitchen built with rural Oaxacan traditional housing is a tribute to the local’s Oaxacan culture.

The Naila House has two main axes that take the shape of a cross for an open-air patio that give an uninterrupted view of the ocean. Moreover, the beach house has four volumes that host different functions but they all provide the same optimal air circulation and lighting conditions. It has common living areas connected with private areas by way of the central courtyard and pool. In exchange for windows, it uses palm bone skin or wood strips to bring in ventilation, natural light, and views of the scenery.

The Naila House can accommodate 15 people at a time. At night, the four volumes light up and appear like a lighthouse because of the palm bone, which gives the house its contrasting color at night and shadows and transparencies during the day.

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Images courtesy of BAAQ