The Chipolo Card converts your regular folio, bi-fold, or any wallet for that matter into a smart wallet. It detects the wallet’s whereabouts in case you lose or misplace it. It also helps you find misplaced items like a remote control or your phone.

This is basically a tracking device much like Tile. Although the latter comes in a small square design, Chipolo is designed to fit in your wallet. This means it comes in a nice, slim, or thin package that easily fits in small spaces.

The Chipolo Card is amazingly thin. It is as thin as a credit card and it only measures 1.45 ” x 2.67″ x 0.08″. It obviously doesn’t take up space when you put it together with your credit cards or squeeze it inside your phone case.

This tracker works with a companion smartphone app that lets you ring Chipolo, track your item’s last location, and change ringtone assigned to the device. The app also notifies you whenever you are out of the 200 ft. line of sight (60 m) with the Chipolo or with your item so you never lose it or misplace it.

In case of lost and found, the app lets you alert the community of Chipolo users about the lost item. You will get an updated location when a user comes near it. You can also use the app to share Chipolo with your loved ones so they can help you find your lost item.

Best of all, the Chipolo Card works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri for hands-free commands. You can also use it as a remote camera shutter for your phone and it is IPX-5 water-resistant so it can withstand splashes.

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Chipolo Card Chipolo Card

Chipolo Card

Chipolo Card

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