The art community has long embraced the use of black coffee or espresso in drawing or sketching as the liquid renders a distinguishable brown or ochre tint on paper. Zirobio built on this idea to create the GRIND Z pencil lead, which is made up of recycled coffee grounds. 

For the eco-conscious people, they’d rather dispose of used coffee grounds on plants or soil as fertilizer, while the brave ones used them as natural skin exfoliant. But mostly, the grounds end up on landfills where they decompose and subsequently release a large amount of methane which is harmful to the environment. 

Zirobio found a way to recycle used coffee grounds into an artist’s EDC essential. After six months of countless experiments and scientific research, the GRIND Z was born. It’s a 5.6mm pencil lead that contains 20% recycled coffee grounds and other materials like adhesives and wax.

The lead does not have any artificial coloring so it displays the natural subtle brown of coffee grounds. Unlike oil-based brown colored pencil, the color doesn’t easily smudge or fade. The lead also gives a unique texture and a vintage effect to any drawing while releasing a pleasing coffee aroma.

Conveniently, GRIND Z eliminates the need to shave off any wooden enclosure typical with graphite pencils. It can be used directly like a crayon or inserted into a clutch pencil. Zirobio offers a 5.6mm pencil lead size and a custom high-quality 5.6mm clutch pencil in a durable and lightweight aluminum shell. The lead size is thicker than traditional mechanical pencil leads, making it durable and resistant to breaking. 

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Images courtesy of Zirobio