In this modern age, bulky and cumbersome wallets are no longer a trend. Instead, slim and minimalist wallets are in just like the ultrathin Supr Good Co. Slim Wallet. It puts other slim wallets to shame.

A money carrier can’t get any thinner than this at just 3mm thick. Yet if functions just like any other card wallets. It can hold an amazing 1-8 cards and that’s because of its construction.

The Supr Good Co. Slim Wallet uses a durable flexible elastic so it stretches to accommodate the cards you need yet it holds its shape. It’s barely noticeable in your pocket. So much so, that you may forget you have it with you.

The cards stay snug inside so you don’t have to worry about them falling off whenever you slip your wallet in and out of your pocket. The elastic stays tight no matter how many cards you put and it never stretches out over prolonged use.

Moreover, the Supr Good Co. Slim Wallet was designed with the advances in technology in mind. Just like other bifold or card wallets, it offers its user protection from data theft. It assures you of easy passage through RFID scanners. With this built-in technology, you can be sure that your personal information or private data are safe from illegal mining.

Manufactured in the USA, the Supr Good Co. Slim Wallet also caters to everyone’s color preferences. It comes in attractive colors of navy, neon yellow, neon orange, neon pink, and the quintessential black and white colors.

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SUPR GOOD CO. Slim Wallet

SUPR GOOD CO. Slim Wallet

Images courtesy of Supr Good Co.