This COVID-19 pandemic certainly had people coming up with unique ways to adapt to the new normal of social distancing, wearing face masks, and limited customer capacity in dining establishments. This means having to think twice about lounging in your favorite restaurant or cafe and taking your food or drink to go instead. When it comes to your daily caffeine fix, nothing beats freshly brewed and the Cenga coffee maker makes this happen. It lets you grind, brew, and sip your hot cup of java to go.

It resembles a flask upon first glance with its sleek, refined, and elegant aesthetic. But a clear closer look brings out the grinder handle on the top and several other parts to brew coffee. Inspired by the fun family stacking game Jenga (Coffee + Jenga + Cenga), this modular coffee set comes in three parts. Up top is the ribbed glass grinder for the coffee beans, the middle is a stainless steel dripper that holds the coffee grounds and hot water, before it drops to a translucent canister below, where you can also store the water.  

It is a fairly easy process and one that does not take up a lot of space in your bag or hand. You don’t have to bring a separate grinder or bring ground coffee. After all, freshly ground beans are the best when making coffee. The dripper and the liquid container each come with their own handle so you can drink straight from the holder. Once done, you can easily stack the Cenga up for easy, compact storage. 

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Images courtesy of designers Joohyung Park, Seonghwa Lim, Eojin Roh, & Jihye Park/Yanko Design