Now that the Galaxy S21 series is here, we were thinking about how most of the flagship smartphones from leading brands are becoming even more expensive each year. Then Caviar quickly reminds us that when it comes to insane extravagance, they are masters of the craft. Ahead of the iPhone 12 launch last year, the group gave us a rather expensive tribute to the Apple 1 computer. This time, it’s honoring the man behind it all with the Jobs 1st.

This is an interesting development as the iPhone 12 lineup brought back a crowd favorite design feature. We’re talking about the flat edges on the frame first seen on the iPhone 4 up until the iPhone 5S. Meanwhile, Caviar taking it further by presenting the latest model in the guise of the first-generation iPhone.

The Jobs 1st is the Russian Jeweler’s exceptional homage to the co-founder of Apple. Pricing starts at $7,260 and peaks at $8,260. Although the technical specifications remain intact, the device now boasts a deluxe housing. Caviar is crafting the chassis out of titanium. The frame is in matte black, while the rear panel sports a two-tone satin finish.

We love the small details such as the engravings of the regulatory information just like on the first iPhone and the lower section in black. It’s a little hard to see, but you make out an engraving that reads “Steven Paul Jobs” as well as his signature. In the spirit of the charismatic icon, there is “one more thing” that makes the Jobs 1st special. Within the black Apple logo is a piece of fabric from one of the black turtlenecks he wore.

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Images courtesy of Caviar