Catterpillar or “CAT” – as others know it — is a global brand that produces reliable heavy machinery. Over the years, the company has expanded into other products such as heavy-duty smartphones, workwear, and lifestyle products. One of its latest releases – the Crossover – offers a unique functionality many will find convenient.

Designed with comfort above everything else, these stylish slip-ons boast a dual-purpose type of versatility. The upper is a soft and breathable ripstop nylon fabric. This lightweight material provides adequate ventilation and does not restrict the movement of your foot.

CAT says the material is durable and should look fashionable in any season. Furthermore, the shoes are lined with CLEANSPORT NXT pro-biotic technology. This gives the fabrics on the Crossover superior odor control properties which is a welcome bonus.

Now, the gimmick that makes it unique is the modular nature of these shoes. While CAT promises all-day comfort as you wear these slippers indoors, it’s a different story when you need to head out. No worries though, as you just need to attach the flexible outsole and be on your way out.

There’s no hassle here as the shoe uses an easy anchoring system that locks the accessory in place. Just slide in the Crossover toe first and pull the tab on the heel counter. Next, bring your heel down, let go of the elastic strap, and the detachable outsole should be firmly in place.

With these on, you can leave the dirt and other contaminants behind after you step out of the outsole. CAT offers the Crossover in three colorways: Yellow, Black, and Charcoal. The removable outsoles are all in black, while the first two come with a white outsole and the latter in gray.

Buy – $80

Images courtesy of CAT