Leave it to the Swiss to craft some of the most intricate and expensive watches in the world. Meanwhile, you can trust the Japanese to build the most robust timepieces out there. To give you an example of the latter, here is the G-SHOCK MTG-B2000 which will be ready to launch in November this year. So, what makes these series from Casio so durable, you ask? Well, it’s the combination of materials that give an impressive ability to withstand impacts and so much more.

According to an announcement from Casio, the secret lies within the Dual Core Guard structure. It supposedly takes advantage of properties of both metal and resin. What we have here is the inner section which is the manufacturer is reinforcing with carbon fiber. This is what holds the case and case back of the G-SHOCK MTG-B2000 together which is liked to a carbon monocoque chassis on some automobiles.

Adding to its toughness is a metal frame which also adds a premium look to the G-SHOCK MTG-B2000. Its new design allows the timepiece to remain lightweight despite its all-metal appearance. Casio notes that this is what users of the MTG-B1000 in 2018 loved about it, which is why the latest model continues the tradition. Buyers will be happy to know that it still boasts Triple G Resist technology.

This means the rugged G-SHOCK MTG-B2000 can handle extreme vibrations, drops, and centrifugal forces like a champ. There are three variants in total. Two of which – the MTG-B2000BD and MTG-B2000D – sport a layered composite band. Although it is distinctly metal on the outside, it’s 15% lighter than before. As fo the MTG-B2000B, it comes with a flexible urethane band instead. This is the first in the MT-G catalogue shipping with three dual-coil motors.

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Images courtesy of Casio