As much as companies try to keep their products interesting, brand fatigue eventually settles in. With so many competitors out there, it is bound to happen to even the most popular labels. As such, it is a good idea to shake up the industry every now and then for some much-needed publicity. Casio is doing just that and revitalizing its FROGMAN catalog by offering the GWF-A1000. What makes this G-SHOCK model so special is the fact that it’s the first analog entry.

The FROGMAN dive watch lineup has been offering digital models since its debut in 1993. After sticking with the same formula for around 27 years, the GWF-A1000 breaks away from the mold. We know that Casio produces some of the most reliable timepieces out there. Therefore, even though this is a big change, owners can count on the quality and performance it brings to the table.

Since visibility is crucial when underwater, the size of the hands and indices are designed with superior readability in mind. The GWF-A1000 likewise promises ISO 200-meter diving water resistance. Meanwhile, the monocoque case uses a combination of resin and carbon fiber construction. Furthermore, the triple-gasket fittings of the buttons and crown prevent ingress.

We know that the analog design might appear strange on a FROGMAN. Nevertheless, Casio assures fans of the G-SHOCK sub-series that it will pack all their favorite features. We’re talking about Tough Solar, Bluetooth connectivity, and all the bells and whistles buyers have come to expect. The GWF-A1000 sports a fluoroelastomer band that is exceptionally resistant against stains and hydrolysis. You can get it in navy, red, and black colorways.

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Images courtesy of Casio