If head to the beach this summer, you’re likely to find people engaged in various activities. It could be sports, swimming, surfing, and more. Those who can afford it take to the seas on their yachts, tenders, or motorboats. If you plan to join them and prefer a greener alternative, why not grab the Candela C-8 instead.

This vessel also addresses another issue when it moves. As the hull cuts through the surface, it creates swells that could endanger smaller watercraft and people. Therefore, you can potentially ruin someone’s day when close to shore. Candela overcomes this challenge via a hydrofoil setup.

Even when cruising at high speeds, the C-8 is slicing through effortlessly and barely leaving a wave. Adding to the awesomeness of it all is appearing like it’s flying above the water. Even in rough seas, its hydrodynamic configuration makes it feel like a relaxing ride.

Candela is crafting the hull out of 100% carbon fiber which is impressively lightweight for its size. Moreover, this material likewise boasts an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio in contrast to glass fiber. Add to that the all-electric propulsion from its powerful C-POD motor.

Depending on the situation, the versatile C-FOIL system can retract up into the hull. This allows the C-8 to navigate even in shallow water. Depending on the conditions, the top speed should be somewhere between 24-30 knots. Its batteries give it a maximum range of more than 50 nautical miles.

It measures 27.9 feet long and 8.2 feet wide with enough space for up to 8 passengers including the operator. Intuitive controls from its 15.4-inch touchscreen and proprietary candela UI even supports over-the-air updates. Below deck, the C-8 has can sleep up to two adults and two children.

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Images courtesy of Candela