A little while back, we gave coffee lovers who also love automobile a reason to enjoy both — each time they sip their java. Super Veloce’s Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition was an homage to the Porsche’s flat-six engine. Not to be outdone by this classy tribute to the German marque, Portuguese designer Fábio Martins has something up his sleeve. Here is the Bugatti Etiron Espresso Machine, which honors the remarkable beauty and performance of the Chiron supercar.

This would be perfect for discerning folk who already have the vehicle and want something to match their ride. Despite its name, the Etiron is not an official tie-in with the French automotive manufacturer. This is purely the product of Martins’ imagination that conceptualizes what an official Bugatti espresso maker would look like. We know it’s disappointing, but at least we now have an idea of its possible presentation.

One look at the Etiron and it immediately evokes the same level of luxury as the machine draws inspiration from. A view from the front shows us the familiar shape of the Chiron’s grille. If that’s not obvious enough, the Bugatti emblem should be a giveaway. It even slopes gently at the back to mimic the aerodynamic silhouette of the coupe.

Like most modern coffee makers out there, it does away with the traditional process and uses pods instead. With a twist, the receptacle slides out, put your brew of choice, slide it back in, activate, and enjoy your beverage. Meanwhile, what the images of the Etiron don’t show is the interactive touch display on top. Now, all that needs to happen is for Bugatti to make it a reality, but that is definitely wishful thinking on our part.

Check it out here

Images courtesy of Fábio Martins