For some reason, Bugatti has been the subject of tributes and collaborations as of late. Given the level of the finesse its vehicles exude, it’s no wonder why other high-end brands in the market want to associate with the French marque. Amid the barrage of offers from various groups, Buben & Zorweg appears to have one of the more interesting tie-ins. What they have in store for the luxury carmaker’s discerning clientele are a series of premium safes and a watch winder.

They’re calling this collection the Buben & Zorweg for Bugatti and rightfully so. Each is a masterpiece that should meet the needs of those who can afford a machine from the manufacturer in the first place. The level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into the construction is remarkable. Headlining it are two versions of the safe: The Illusion Chiron 300+ and Grande Illusion Chiron 300+

Talking about exclusivity, the two will only see 30 examples available for purchase respectively. The range-topping variant goes the extra mile with a Buben & Zorweg Flying Minute Tourbillon clock on top. The layer of security it ships with is certainly impressive. Owners of both models can gain access via biometrics (fingerprint sensor) or a transponder chip.

Given that watchmaking and automotive construction often go hand-in-hand, Buben & Zorweg has something for collectors. Depending on the configuration of the Spirit Chiron, owners can either store four or eight automatic watches. Using Buben & Zorweg’s Time Mover technology, you can be sure they’re ready to use when you need it.

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Images courtesy of Buben & Zorweg