Like it or not, but beards, mustaches, and other styles are back in fashion. A majority of people now find it cool to sport facial hair and we have it from reliable sources that the ladies love it as well. In fact, others apparently envy those who can grow a thick manly patch that they can groom and trim. It’s no surprise that some prefer to keep the growth under control. BoSidin proposes a convenient solution.

Many prefer to stay away from establishments that offer hair removal services. It could be for personal reasons, but it’s likely that the treatments can be costly. What BoSidin has here is a handy gadget that promises painless epilation for spots on your body or face. According to the manufacturer, it apparently delivers medical-grade performance that won’t let you down.

The machine ships with six custom modes that adapt to various areas of your body. Since the sensitivity of our skin differs depending on which body part the hair grows on, BoSidin hopes to make the process as seamless as possible. The device even features a 180-degree rotating head to easily adapt to where you need it to be. It uses cutting-edge Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) which combines the benefits of laser and IPL hair removal techniques.

Furthermore, BoSidin suppresses regrowth via its multi-frequency continuous pulse technology (MFCPT). Meanwhile, what makes treatments virtually painless is the proprietary dynamic cooling devices (DCD) system. This makes it gentle enough to use on more delicate skin. Finally, you can grab it in matte green or white with rose gold accents. You can also check out our 10 best ear and nose trimmers for your grooming needs.

Buy – $339.99

Images courtesy of BoSidin