Other than their high-end automobiles BMW is also recognized for their powerful motorcycles. With most carmakers already executing their respective electrification campaigns, many are also including their two-wheeled lineup. The German automaker’s Motorrad division is presenting the Definition CE 04. The all-electric platform hopes to make one’s urban commute more enjoyable and emission-free. By far, what the have here is perhaps the most attractively designed electric scooter. The designers even nailed the aesthetics which flaunts a futuristic yet reserved appeal.

BMW’s engineers have taken into account that not all riders have the same body type. As such, the Definition CE 04’s seat is highly adjustable for superior comfort. Storage is also generous enough to hold a full-size helmet or bag. Another aspect we like about the scooter is the form factor. The sleek form makes it look dynamic from all angles.

BMW Motorrad’s Head of Vehicle Design Alexander Buckan says: “A design that combines the need for functionality and clear aesthetics with digital reality.” His description appears to be on point as the overall look of the Definition CE 04 seem functional and stylish. Smart features include connectivity with smartphones and navigation assistance for convenience.

Owners can also enjoy protection and breathability with the special parka that accompanies they can pair with the scooter. Visibility is crucial for overall safety during low-light situations and this is where it shines (literally). You see, the sleeves, hood, back, have a flexible lighting system. Users can switch it on and off via sensors on the sleeve. This make is an essential add-on to the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04.

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Images courtesy of BMW